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Over the past several years, there has been an explosion of M/M romance. We’re so excited to be a part of it!



ManLoveAuthors.com is a community for all new and established authors as well as all readers. We support, encourage, and promote ManLove authors and interact with the readers who love this genre and these authors.

In most sections on this site, all registered authors and readers can contribute perspective articles and opinion pieces as well as leave commentaries on a wide range of LGBT topics. All authors and readers can discuss what is happening with the ManLove genre, offer out-and-about LGBT news, peruse the directory of ManLove authors and see what genres and themes they are writing, and participate in weekly readers’ polls. Authors can post updates of what they are working on currently and can also showcase their works in the Author’s Marketplace.

We are open to submissions from authors and readers for the weekly Featured Articles, edited by our staff if accepted. We chat with veteran as well as up-and-coming authors in weekly Featured Interviews. Staff editors will provide advance reviews of upcoming ManLove releases in the Sneak Peek section.



Overall, this community is for more than just the authors. It’s also for the readers who love these authors and love the ManLove genre. We look forward to hearing readers’ thoughts and what they’re hoping to see next.



ManLoveAuthors.com is a community for authors who write ManLove and those who read it, scribble it, cherish it, and share it.  All contributions should reflect appreciation, enthusiasm, and support for the ManLove genre.



If you would like to become a contributor, contact our Site Administrators, Jackie de la Garza and Courtney Campbell, for information or visit Become a Contributor for more details.