An Interview with Alex Carreras

Alex Carreras Author PicAlex Carreras writes about sexy men in compromising positions from Florida while he dreams of living in a cold, cozy village somewhere in the United Kingdom. He believes there is nothing sexier than a hot, naked man with a cocky attitude and a sultry smile.

Q: Tell us about your writing routine.

A: My writing routine is not much of a routine at all. I write anytime, day or night. I write at home, at the public library, and at my local coffee shop. The only true constant during my routine is I have an amber pendant laced with a black leather cord that I bought at an outdoor market while visiting Cambridge, England with my sister, Katrina, two years ago. The stall keeper who sold it to me said it is supposed to channel creativity and good energy, so of course I whipped out a few pounds and bought it. When I’m stuck or unmotivated, I gaze at its warm, golden color and twirl it between my fingers, the smooth surface comforting. I don’t know if I necessarily believe what the stall keeper told me, but so far, it seems to be true.

Q: Do you prefer to outline and plan out a story before you start writing or do you like to jump right in and see where your imagination takes you? Why do you think the method you’ve indicated works better for you?

A: When I start a new project I sketch out a nonspecific outline, kind of like a road map. But when I am writing the story, I allow my characters to take me on the wild ride they are asking to be written. To be honest, it is frightfully hard to subdue the voices in my head. As of yet, I am not really sure this method is working for me, but I seem to keep plugging along.

Q: The Aragon series is a gripping, action-packed vampire drama played out in the nighttime streets of Zaragoza, Spain. What was your original inspiration for this story?

A: The series started from a suggestion made by my dear friend and fellow Siren author, Melody Snow Monroe. Melody is my go-to gal for many different subjects and ideas. After deciding to write a paranormal series, I knew I wanted to place my vampires in the city of Zaragoza, Spain, a city steeped with history and a place near and dear to my heart. Selfishly, when writing this series, I can go back there without a very expensive airline ticket charged to my AmEx.

Q: At the end of Xander’s Reluctant Mate, the Fraternidad is still at war with the Romani and Adam’s mother has just given birth to a baby girl. How will the next book move the saga forward from this point?

A: Firstly, Adam gets to meet his new sister. Up until now, he was an only child, and he discovers that having a sibling comes with very big responsibilities, from changing diapers to saving her from superevil Romani vampires. All in a day’s work, or in Adam’s case, a night’s work.

Q: From Xander’s Reluctant Mate, which is your favorite line?

A: “Marcos turned just in time to see the crazed, half-bird, half-vampire creature running and flapping toward him, resembling a very pissed-off chicken that had recently lost its newly laid egg.”

I love that line. I still chuckle when reading it.

Q: What have you learned in the process of writing the Aragon books, and how do you feel your approach to writing a story has changed, if at all?

A: I have learned that I can truly fall in love with my characters. They now have a life of their own. When I say I love all of the characters of the Fraternidad, it is the understatement of the decade.

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you that might surprise us.

A: I am stumped! If you go to my blog or my Facebook page, you will quickly learn I am an open book, sometimes almost too much so.

Q: Even in today’s world, men who are romantically involved with each other can face discrimination, violence, and bullying. What are some conflicts your heroes have faced, and how did they overcome these obstacles?

A: The only violence my guys come up against is between each other! For some reason, they seem to like to punch each other. Summer Heat springs to mind. After they lick each other’s wounds, all falls into place. No obstacles here!

Q: If you could be any of your characters, who would it be and why?

A: Hands down, Adam Galindo. Adam is a truly innocent and good guy faced with huge issues but still perseveres at all costs. Plus his partner, Emerico Espiritu, is smoking hot even though he is technically dead.

Q: One of your books is going to be adapted into a film. Which one? And who plays the main characters?

A: When I was writing Summer Heat, I pictured Jake Gyllenhaal (that was nice) for the role of Hunter Cross. And when writing Spanish Heat, Benjamin Godfre, the model, was Dr. Chase Cameron. Lordy that guy is fine! But if I had to really pick, it would be Tyler Hoechlin as Emerico and Colton Haynes as Adam in The Count of Aragon. Both are sigh worthy.


  1. Great interview! I love reading Alex’s work and he’s right…he is an open book. I love that about him!

  2. Alex Carreras - Author /

    Thanks, Slick! I love you, too.

  3. Tedi Sinclair - Author /

    I <3 you! What this interview didn't mention is what a stand-up, sweet, caring, and helpful guy Alex is.

  4. Alex Carreras - Author /

    Woohoo! Thanks, Tedi. You’re not so made either.