An Interview with Christine Shaw

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As a woman, Christine Shaw is the typical romantic. Long walks on the beach and a man, or men, to keep her warm in the cold winter months of England is her idea of perfection. Falling in love with Erotic Romance from the first page was a calling beyond no other, and suddenly, twenty years of what she calls an “overactive imagination” finally paid off. She always has new and exciting ideas waiting to be written. Still waiting for that Mr. Perfect of her own, she will just have to sit back and write about others finding theirs. Those select few may even get lucky and find two.

Q: The Reilly family is comprised of a father and his nine sons. Do you come from a similarly large family? If not, what was your inspiration for creating a family that size?

A: To answer the first question, no, I don’t come from a large family, at least not immediate family, but saying that, I did always love the idea of having more brothers and/or sisters. Someone to play with when you’re younger, a best friend when you’re a rebel teenager. It’s what family is supposed to be, everything to us.

Q: On the topic of the Reilly family, all of Robb’s sons are adopted. What was the reason behind making them all adopted rather than his natural sons?

A: There are so many stories out there that are based around a family that keeps growing and growing. But they grow in certain ways, like a status quo if you will. I cannot stand the phrase, nor the band for that matter. Making them all adopted creates this air that although Robb has the potential to kick their asses every now and then it also means he loves them enough to choose them and keep them around for centuries in the cases like Pierce (the oldest son). I wanted to make the dynamic of the family different to any other story the fans may have read before.

Q: Without giving too much away, do you plan on giving each and every brother his own happy ending?

A: I’m not going to give away certainties but I have big plans for the Reillys. You can guarantee that there will be good times, bad times, and a lot of sexy times. Whether each of the Reilly brothers get a happy ending is yet to be seen, but wouldn’t we all like to think so?

Q: Where did your interest in the paranormal, and in this particular case vampires, come from?

A: The truth is I find life would be boring if we didn’t have all these theories and myths and legends floating around—the Loch Ness monster for one, the Grey Woman, Werewolves, Witches, Vampires, and many more. In my experience a myth or legend is always based on some form of truth. The idea that there could be some form of a vampire in this world, and I’m not just talking about the animal kind, or any other paranormal being for that matter. This entire world we live in, there’s got to be something real that defies all logic and science!

Q: There are some very interesting and important details revealed about the world created in Fated by Blood, but it seems there is so much more to tell about its fascinating history and characters. Can we expect to learn more about this world as the series progresses?

A: I think so. That’s the beauty of being a writer and creating your own world. We go through it like anyone goes through life. We learn things ourselves as we go along. There are aspects of this world even I do not know yet. The idea that I will sit down and write any day and learn something new about my characters is amazing. I can’t wait to share what I learn with everyone who enjoys my books.

Q: Tell us about your writing routine.

A: I don’t have a set schedule unlike most. Unlike some I cannot sit at my desk and just write, or stare at the screen in annoyance when I have a bit of writer’s block. I write because I enjoy telling a story and when I do write I get so caught up in the story that I feel as if I am living it. It’s as though my mind’s eye sees exactly what I am writing and I am transported into that world.

But there are certain things that I keep similar. First of all, I like to begin a book by picking my main characters. I always write them into the Notes app of my iPhone 5 so that way if I have an idea at any time I can simply add it in wherever I am.

Once I am happy with my initial notes I just go for it. The beginning sometimes changes about twenty different times but once I get the start sorted I am flying with wings. If an occasion comes where I do get writer’s block I simply shut the laptop down and walk away. I read or watch TV or do something that takes my mind off of it. Sometimes it may be an hour or two, other times have been known to last weeks, but whatever the case I know I will come back with something better than if I forced myself to type through the block.

Q: Which character do you like writing more: the protagonist or the villain? Why?

A: Now there’s a loaded question. I guess I would have to say both really. The protagonist for me is easy. I can think about that character and understand his personality, I can see how he would react to certain things and I can utilize that in my books. A protagonist is supposed to be loved. He is supposed to make you cry, laugh, and gooey in center.

A villain on the other hand people associate with being the evil thing, the one who creates destruction and mayhem wherever they go. I like to believe that a villain in those circumstances is just misunderstood. All we see is all we get, but what if there is something we haven’t seen? For example, if that person is being forced to create mayhem. I like to truly understand my villains before I write them into a story.

Q: What qualities do you think are important for the hero in a romance? Are there types of men you prefer to write about?

A: There isn’t a set type of man I prefer to write about. A book isn’t my idea fantasy, so I cannot write all the time with myself in mind. I have to write stories that will sell. It is a business after all. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them, because I certainly do.

But for the hero I believe the qualities differ depending on his personality. We have this preconceived notion that heroes are supposed to be big and strong physically. But what we forget to see is the other kind of hero. The kind that saves his family and those he cares about in another way. Let the brutes fight, but there would be nothing to come home to if the other kind of hero didn’t create the home to begin with.

Q: What’s the most memorable sex scene from one of your books? Why?

A: All the sex scenes in my books are memorable. But the most memorable sex scene would have to be in my first ever completed and published book The Dom For His Alpha. It is a scene where Kai, Dark, and Harry are in the BDSM club they own. The scene explains how the big strong Alpha Dark James is able to let go of the burdens, the stress, and just be with his mates. It shows the man is comfortable and craves to submit to his mate, his Master, Kai. It emphasizes the beauty of sub space and the value it has on a person who carries so much weight on his shoulders. Nothing is more spectacular than watching Kai do that for the man he loves, and encouraging their smaller mate Harry to show his love for both men.

Q: When you start a series, do you plan all the books and heroes out beforehand or do you make them up as you go along?

A: If I intend on a series I will make sure I have at least a group of individuals waiting, whether they are a family or friends, colleagues, doesn’t matter. There is always potential to expand when and where necessary, but I do like to have a list waiting. What order it comes in, well that is made up as I go along.