An Interview with E.A. Reynolds

E.A. Reynolds is a daydreamer who loves to read and write romance that arouses. She can be found taking walks in the park to flesh out characters and listening to music to make sexy scenes come alive. She’s an avid reader of both romance and paranormal novels.

E.A. is also fond of cooking and thinks the kitchen is a good place to develop bondage and sex scenes because food she says can be as sexy as music when it comes to sex and the sex drive.

Q: Fall into Me creates a captivating world of paranormal powers, such as psychic abilities, telekinesis, and spells. What is it that draws you to these fantastical elements, and will readers get to see more of this in future books outside the Psychic Docs series?

A: My interest in witches and psychic powers was first sparked when I saw the movie Escape to Witch Mountain. I was about nine years old, and from there I was always on the lookout for movies about witches and psychic powers. That led me to see Satan’s School for Girls, The Brotherhood of Satan, and other seventies and eighties movies of a similar theme.

Being captivated, I started researching a few years ago and found extreme psychic skills such as cryokinesis, which I first mention in my book Kiss of Air. It’s the ability to freeze things. I’ve become enthralled with the extreme psychic skills and plan to use them in my other books, yes. Currently I’m working on my Elemental Seduction series in which I will be using psychic skills a great deal.

Q: Although much of the conflict between Sagan, Dillan, and the rival coven is resolved, Fall into Me still leaves us on an exciting cliffhanger. What can readers look forward to in the next book of the series?

A: In the next book, Crazy for You, the Oak Waters coven continues to struggle against Dark Spear. Dillan’s coven brother Matt is an Inspector for the Separatist Council Enforcement Agency, and he’s asked to find the son of the Minister of the Separatist Council. He finds him dead with Matt’s informant, who promised to give Matt information that will help him and his brothers in their fight against Dark Spear. Dark Spear isn’t just a coven of evil Psy-witches. They’re a mob who wants to take control of the Separatist Council, and that’s just to start.

Matt and his brothers kill some of the mob and its allies off and steal millions of their money as Matt searches for a book promised to him by his dead informant. They find the book through an unlikely source and they learn that one of their coven leaders’ mates is actually dead, which means he’s not one of them. Now, they’re more determined to bring down Dark Spear before they get them.

Q: There’s a great amount of conflict and tension between multiple covens and characters in this book, which requires frequently mentioning backstory. Was it challenging to write such an intricately detailed plot, and how did you keep it all straight?

A: I always say I have a good memory, but don’t ask me in-depth details because I won’t have the answers. Ha-ha! The greatest challenge was the planning, and I can still find things in my stories to find fault with. On the other hand, this series taught me to come up with a more detailed plan before starting a series. Flying by the seat of my pants was hard.

To keep things straight I had to use OneNote to make notes on each book.

Q: In Fall into Me, Dillan is a doctor and spell-removal specialist, and Sagan is a surgery tech, which results in plenty of medical-speak in the book. Was this all research-based, or do you have a background in or passion for the medical field?

A: I do have some experience in the medical field, and I am still very curious about that profession. But there are several nurses in my family, and their dedication to the profession only increased my interest in medicine as a whole.

Q: As a female romance author, what made you choose to start writing ManLove? Were there any unexpected difficulties or delights that you found in writing about two men?

A: I was drawn to ManLove more out of that odd human curiosity about gay men. I just wanted to understand what the attraction was to their own sex. So, I asked questions and watched. I found that men are no different in their needs to find their soul mate, and their relationships with other men contain the same elements as heterosexual relationships. I thought two men together was as natural and beautiful a thing as a man and a woman.

I wanted to capture the beauty and hopefully in the process learn more about how the heterosexual world impacts the lives of gay men.

Q: What books prepared you to write ManLove? Are there any favorite titles or authors who you recommend?

A: The Bay City Paranormal Investigations series by Ally Blue is where I started reading about gay couples and gained the daring to write about ManLove. I was intrigued by the conflicts between the two main characters from the first book, and I was eager to see how it was resolved. I liked the series and would recommend it to others.

Q: What do you do to relax or get the creative juices flowing when you are struggling to meet your writing goals or deadlines?

A: When I’m struggling with my own creativity, I like to buy a fast-selling M/M book to see what readers of the genre find appealing and why. Knowing what the readers like can help me smooth out some of the rough spots in my work. If I don’t want to read then I’ll take a walk or I’ll lose myself in a Harry Potter marathon.

Q: Who do you look up to? What are some of their qualities that you strive to possess as well?

A: My mother has always been a strong force in my life. She’s strong and even tempered with an “I can” attitude that pretty much applies to every obstacle in life she’s faced. She’s bighearted and kind to almost everybody, even when they are acting like a horse’s ass.

I strive to have a more even temper, but I’m a work in progress there. I’m making strides on her “I can” attitude, but I’m never going to be Ms. Kindness and Light, though.

Q: Even in today’s world, men who are romantically involved with each other can face discrimination, violence, and bullying. What are some conflicts your heroes have faced, and how did they overcome these obstacles?

A: In my Psychic Docs series, the greatest threats the men face are from other gay men who have tried to kill them because they might become immortal.

Q: If you could be any of your characters, who would it be and why?

A: I would be Trace Collins from Need You Now. Trace is confident and a talented doctor. He’s sexually bold, and he doesn’t mind going for what he wants. On top of that, he knows his power as a psychic and a witch, and he’s not really into abusing that power. I wouldn’t abuse the power, but I’d be using telekinesis just to turn on the lights.

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  1. Good interview! I also have some experience in the medical field. I was a lab tech in another life and having an interest in hematology fuels my vampire stories. Thanks for sharing!


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