An Interview with Jana Downs and Company

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Hello, everyone! Instead of making my interview all about myself, I thought it might be more interesting for Titus and Regan from Saved by Surrender to come down and tell you a little about themselves. I am a boring writer after all and they’re yummy man entertainment. Enjoy!

Q: Do you have any scars? How did you get them?

Regan: The right side of my chin. My dad hit me with a shovel when I was seven. It’s almost gone now though.

Titus: *snorts* That’s nothing. Take your pick. *pulls up shirt* This one is from a bullet I took to the chest in Quebec, this one is where I was stabbed in the gut by a crazy hunter in Nepal, oh, and these are from a rogue shifter who tried to claw out my ribs. Missions for an Enforcer are rough sometimes.

Regan: *grumbles* Show-off.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

Regan: Being vulnerable I guess. I hate feeling like people are judging me for a supposed weakness.

Titus: Spiders. Those damn things are creepy. *Regan elbows him* And losing my mate, of course.

Q: When is the last time you really laughed out loud? What made you laugh?

Regan: Last week when Titus tried strutting his stuff at Mac’s, slipped on the wet floor, and fell on his gorgeous ass. *smirk* It certainly taught him not to show off.

Titus: *wounded* I was showing off for you, jackass.

Regan: Liar.

Titus: *eyes narrow* The look on my mate’s face when I spank his butt during an interview. *Regan’s eyes widen and Titus chuckles* Does that count as LOLing?

Q: What is your favorite thing about Regan/Titus?

Regan: He knows who he is and isn’t afraid who knows it. I love his confidence.

Titus: I really like this face he makes when I— *Regan smothers him with his hands*

Regan: *face blazing* Let’s not go there.

Titus: *smiling* My favorite thing about Regan is his passion. Hands down, there is nothing as beautiful or as intriguing as that.

Q: What are you plans for the future?

Regan: *looks over at Titus* We’re going to be opening a woodshop for Titus and his brother when he recovers. He’s already taking online orders. I’ll be working at the tattoo emporium as per usual.

Titus: *nods* Couldn’t have said it better myself. We’re also house-shopping again. We need a bigger place for the four of us. The twins want to stay together and it only makes sense to get a bigger house now that they’re both mated.

Q: Who was your first love?

Regan: *laughs* I have no clue. It’s been a while. Probably Edge from the WWE.

Titus: *stares* Are you kidding? That’s the emotional depth of my mate?

Regan: *shrugs* I didn’t think about love until I met you.

Titus: Figures. I knew you were stunted before me. *Regan growls* I think my first love was my first commanding officer when I became an Enforcer.

Q: How has your opinion on love changed since meeting Regan/Titus?

Regan: After that last comment I’m not so sure.

Titus: Come on, love.

Regan: *meets Titus’s gaze* Everything I thought about love changed when I met Titus. He’s transformed me completely.

Titus: *smiles softly* Transformed. I like that. *leans in for a kiss*

Q: What is one thing that annoys you about Regan/Titus?

Regan: *gets out a piece of paper* Do you want this alphabetically?

Titus: His stubbornness and attention to detail.

Regan: *begins reading the list*…*fifteen minutes later*

Q: Can we expect to see you in future books?

Regan: Definitely. So long as Mustang, our pack Alpha, needs us around, we’ll be hanging out in and among the pack.

Titus: *nods* Where Regan is, I am, and since I’m taking over the position of beta, you’ll probably see me more often than not.

Q: What is the most important thing you’d like readers to know about you?

Regan: That I’m loyal to a fault. Mess with me or mine, you’re going to regret it.

Titus: Regan’s mine.

Regan: Um, they got that from our mating, Titus.

Titus: *shrugs* That’s the most important thing for anyone to know.

Regan: *sighs* My lover, ladies and gentlemen.