An Interview with Joyee Flynn

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Joyee dreams of one day living on enough land to have a few horses, and find a couple of cowboys or pool boys of her own. A lover of men, Joyee is all about them in any form in her books; vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter, military . . . It’s all good! She loves to get lost in fantasy that only books can bring. Her wide interest in reading is reflected in her writings, whether short stories, romance, or mystical. Currently Joyee lives with her dog, Marius, named after a vampire from Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire series.

Q: Tell us about your writing routine.

A: I start off by rereading what I last wrote, get a solid 1500 words in, and handle something from the rest of my life and give my hands a rest. Normally it’s exciting, like dishes, laundry, feeding pup, or whatnot and that’s when I plot what I’m writing next and get back to it for another 1500 words. And I do that all day until I feel comfortable I’ve done the best I can with my characters or until my hands feel ready to fall off.

Q: Do you write with a sense of where big, interconnected series (for instance, The Marius Brothers, Beyond the Marius Brothers, or The O’Hagen Way) are going to end up in terms of plot that develops from book to book, or do you just let it flow and see where it goes?

A: Both actually. I have a master plan for the world, while adding new and interesting characters while matching up happy couples. There’s also a lot of times where I’m writing and go, “Oh, wait, I so have to do it this way and let the chips fall where they may.” Writing is telling a story that is always fluid and has to be adaptable.

Q: You’ve killed off some pretty nasty villains in your books. Are there any you wish you could have spared?

A: Nope, but there are some I wish I could kill all over again. Some I feel I let off too easily, but my favorite is still the guy Shea Mayer killed by ripping off his arms and beating him to death with them.

Q: You’ve written in a variety of subgenres. Which is your favorite?

A: That’s like picking my favorite family member. Just like any artist, I love all the mediums I use and ways I get to tell a story.

Q: What person, record, and book would you take with you to a desert island?

A: Yeah, I’m so cheating because I can’t pick just one. Jensen Ackles, Jay Ryan, and Ian Somerhalder would all be coming with me. I’m too eclectic of a music lover to pick just one, so my whole iPod would be coming and same with my reading addiction so my Kindle Fire as well.

Q: One of your books is going to be adapted into a film. Which one? And who plays the main characters?

A: Tristan [Resistant Omegas 1] and Chad Michael Murray. I have no idea really. That just popped into my head first. I guess I don’t dream that big.

Q: Obviously you have a ton of fun. What would be your ideal night out?

A: There would be some form of laws broken I’m sure so I don’t ever want to write it all down as evidence.

Q: Your humor is greatly appreciated among your readers. How do you know when the timing is right to add humor to your stories?

A: When things get too sad or real. But if things get too goofy I normally blow something up. A good story is like a roller coaster and if I haven’t made someone feel a range of emotions then I haven’t done my job as an author.

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    Great interview, I love your stories and I look forward to all of your furture releases. Thank you :)