An Interview with Lacey Denair

Black and White Silhouette of WomanLacey Denair is now retired and free to realize her dream of writing. She has always enjoyed everything paranormal and characters that are just a bit out of the norm, people who aren’t quite perfect, but make everyone’s lives around them more interesting.

Living in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona, she tends to do things very early in the morning outside, taking her pug Caesar for a walk then spending the rest of her day writing. She can always be found leaning over her laptop and enjoying the process of creating characters who are fun, colorful, and a little eccentric.

She loves to let her imagination run away with her, envisioning other worlds and the beings on them. Sometimes, though, it’s more challenging to keep her mind focused on earth and wonder about the world around us and what really is out there, among us, hiding in plain sight.

Q: Chris, the beta hero of A Heart’s Need, has a physical disability that forces him to walk with a cane. What went into the decision to write about a character who must deal with specific physical challenges in addition to the other conflicts he faces?

A: Most of my characters have some flaws, be they mental issues or physical, as we all do. I believe readers have an easier time relating to someone who isn’t perfect, as I have yet to meet anyone who is. We all have something we need to overcome, and Chris, even though smaller and the “beta” hero of A Heart’s Need, may seem weak but is not. It takes a lot of heart for anyone to reach for their goals, especially in a world where physical perfection is expected. I suppose that’s why I like diamonds in the rough, so to speak.

Q: The book delves a little bit into the history and customs of the Burchston Cliff Packs, but the plot focuses primarily on Glenn and his relationship with Chris. Are there plans for any future books that will concentrate on other members of the pack and their families?

A: Yes, I plan to open the pack up a bit more, and see what comes running out at me!

Q: The Hewitt family house almost seems like a living character in the story. Its renovation is catalogued in vivid detail, and the house is sometimes described as feeling lonely, empty, or happy. Is there a particular home in the real world that you had in mind as you wrote? Was the writing of this book informed in general by a love of architecture or interior design?

A: There was a house I owned many years ago and sadly had to give it up. I always felt welcome in that house and comfortable. Warm and cozy, like having a flannel blanket thrown around you on a cold January morning.

I have always loved old houses and the characteristics of them, as they each have their own personality and story to tell. I suppose in a way I do admire architecture of buildings and what they represent.

Q: A Heart’s Need features two heroes who, on the surface, could hardly be more different. Chris, an openly gay human veterinary student with a disability, is seventeen when the book begins. Glenn, on the other hand, is a thirty-two-year-old werewolf with a wife of sixteen years and a son. Before you sat down to write the book, were you actively interested in trying to unite two characters from such disparate backgrounds?

A: There has always been a reluctant romantic in me, who loves spring/summer involvements. The two characters were by design very different people, with totally different lifestyles, but when you look closer, you see they aren’t so dissimilar after all. We all want the same thing out of life in the long run, a loving home and someone to share it with, don’t you think?

Q: What’s the most memorable sex scene from one of your books? Why?

A: The Guardian Pug, where Ty and Saber are in the tent. They have some good old-fashioned hot sex, yes, but also laugh and have fun with it.

Q: What’s the biggest thing that you’ve learned about/from writing that you didn’t know when you first started?

A: The amount of work that goes into it! It’s a labor of love, and one does have to be dedicated to the characters.

Q: What qualities do you think are important for the hero in a romance? Are there types of men you prefer to write about?

A: I love a big strong man who is a rock. The kind of guy that knows what he wants and is a real man who takes care of those he loves and cares about. Doesn’t matter if he’s pretty or not, or what he does for a living, but he does have to have pretty eyes.

Q: Who do you look up to? What are some of their qualities that you strive to possess as well?

A: My best friend. After heart surgery and all that she has gone through, she’s still a kick to hang with. She makes me want to be a better person.

Q: If you could be any of your characters, who would it be and why?

A: I would like to be Chris Lang. He overcomes obstacles and goes after what he wants out of life, in a quiet, tactful way. Chris brings happiness to the people around him and joy to animals. In my book, that ain’t bad.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who reads my books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.

Lacey Denair