An Interview with May Water

Author Image 2May Water grew up in Boston but travels her path in life wherever life takes her. She believes that everyone on her path was put there for a reason. At times her path has been quite rocky, and she was unsure what possible good could come of it. Good always did, though.

She decided to explore her love of literature by trying her hand at writing. All of her tales touch upon issues which are important to her: women’s empowerment, healthy relationships, overcoming sexuality issues, soul mates, and the quest for love. She has had many titles and held many roles in her life: daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, wildlife surveyor, counselor…yet her most cherished title is writer. She is happiest when she writes. That is her passion.

Q: There were some very interesting parallels between the worlds in the story that became more defined the further into it we got. Sometimes the flashes into the visions or dreams seemed to connect to the real world in a very palpable way, and this seemed to intensify as the story progressed. What was the writing process for the visions like? Did you ever find that those stories were evolving as you moved forward or did you approach them separately from the “real” world?

A: Thank you for finding the parallel’s interesting. Lucah’s ancient visions were the catalyst for this tale. The ancient visions were sharp and clear in my mind and were penned first, in a very short period of time. These were troubling visions and left me unsettled after each writing session. The present-day portion of the tale was hazy, and came to me much slower over a longer period of time. So basically, the ancient visions were in place first, the rest of the story was built around them.

Q: The sexual orientation of some of the characters in this story was tested between worlds, and eventually became a very major theme for some of their story lines. What was it like exploring the struggles some of the characters had with their own sexual preferences?

A: Bisexuality has always interested me and is prevalent in most of my tales. Some of my characters struggle and see it as complex, while others have no problems and see a bisexual lifestyle as simple. In Vagrmanna Wolves, Lucah faces his own sexual orientation when he becomes attracted to Victoria. Up until that point he had only been attracted to men. I enjoyed observing the manner in which he approached the attraction, especially the assertive role he assumed.

Q: Germany plays a very prominent role in the story. What was the draw to this country over others? It certainly plays a huge role in setting and tone. Did you have to do a lot of research into history and culture before stepping into that world in your stories?

A: Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Scotland play a huge part in many of my stories because I have had vivid dreams of those places my entire life. I always thought Germany was the locale for Little Red Riding Hood. That fairy tale laid the foundation for Vagrmanna Wolves, but instead of the wolf being the predator, in my tale he is the victim. I did online research to gather the precise names of the regions/cities/towns of Germany my characters explore.

Q: The visions end much differently than Lucah, Klaus, and Victoria’s story. It really allows readers to come up with their own interpretations of what it all means. Do you want to leave us with a little insight of your own, as the author?

A: I personally like to imagine the story continuing with a new generation of Vagrmanna Wolves thriving in the modern world. A race that is free to roam and intermingle/copulate with humans because they learn to somehow control their blood thirst yet still retain their sense of wildness and primal sexual energy. I like to imagine the story continuing with the return of magic, and tighter family units, to the modern world.

Q: From your most recent release, Vagrmanna Wolves, which is your favorite line?

A: This one because I personally have frequent inner dialogues or alternate visual realities going on while talking to other people.

“Go on, Lucah. You’re doing fine. Keep telling me about this dream,” Dr. Klaus Weber coaxed in his German accent. Lucah struggled to sit still. The urge to leap out of the chair was maddening. His eyes zoned in on the doctor’s full pouty lips, imagining those lips sliding up and down his cock.

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you that might surprise us.

A: Many don’t know that in fourth grade I crossed out the teachers’ assignment of “What I want to BE when I grow up” and retitled it ‘Things I want to DO when I grow up.” I still have it in a scrapbook. I’ve completed about half of the list. Writing is NOT on the list.

Q: You’ve written in a variety of subgenres. Which is your favorite?

A: Same sex.

Q: If you could be any of your characters, who would it be and why?

A: I’d say Jess from the Seaside Surrender series. She was not only a doll and everyone loved her, but she was one of the first lesbian lawyers at the turn of the century, when women’s suffrage was a real issue and there were a scant few professional women, never mind a gay woman. She did her thing without attracting attention (until Molly entered her life that is).

Q: One of your books is going to be adapted into a film. Which one? And who plays the main characters?

A: Steamblast from the Past! A fast-paced flick with Steampunk sets and Steampunk music. LOTS of music. The cast would be a sexy, scruffy, wild bunch of unknowns

Q: Out of all the characters you’ve killed off, which one do you most wish you could have spared? Why?

A: Please allow me to flip that question: I wish I had killed off King Jann from Magnificent King. I personally wanted Marewyn to end up with Sir Eric.