An Interview with Sam Crescent

Black and White Silhouette of WomanSam Crescent is passionate about fiction. She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing. She loves creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates. When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc. Like her stories, the creations in the kitchen can be just as dubious but sometimes things turn out great.

Q: In Troy’s Older Lover, the titular older lover, Josh, is a purposeful, driven lawyer who has never been with a man before. How does getting involved with Troy and exploring his feelings for another man change his life?

A: I think it allows him to find love. Ever since his wife cheated on him and destroyed that part of him, he hasn’t been able to view a woman with trust. His feelings for Troy give him a chance to love again.

Since his wife cheated and the divorce, it has been nothing but work for him. With Troy he can be himself, and when you find that one person who you can be free with, then I think it changes your life for the better.

Q: Before the start of the novel, Troy’s father disowned him for being gay. You manage to make him a sympathetic and relatable character who’s made a mistake. Is it difficult to get into the mindset of characters that you might not agree with?

A: I found his father rather difficult to deal with. When I began writing and found out that his father disowned him, I really struggled with it. I didn’t know how anyone could disown a child based on their sexuality. Then I tried to see it from his father’s point of view and I had to learn to accept that there are mistakes or choices we all make in life that affect us.

His father acted rashly to the news, and before he had a chance to make it right, his time was gone.

Q: You’ve written mostly M/F and ménage stories in the past. How is writing an M/M romance a different experience?

A: This book was entirely new territory for me and one I had no choice but to write. I’ve not known M/M until very recently. I didn’t even realize there were books in this genre. At first, it felt like a very taboo subject and when I got over my fears, I saw that it was a romance like all the others.

Q: Can we expect more exciting M/M stories from you in the future?

A: Yes, Troy and Josh were such a challenge to write but also enjoyable. I liked doing something different with my writing. Their story was a wonderful change from my style.

Q: What’s the biggest thing that you’ve learned about/from writing that you didn’t know when you first started?

A: I’ve always loved writing but the other ingredients like the grammar and correct word usage, even down to the correct tense use has been a big factor that I’ve learned. Writing a story is one part and then making it readable is the next biggest thing.

Q: Tell us about your writing routine.

A: I don’t have a routine. What I do is carry notebooks around with me and when an idea hits me that I can’t let go of, I grasp it and then begin writing at my computer. Most of the time I can write seven thousand words a day and then in between writing, I have days to look over what I read and take out what is not good enough.

When I have a story in mind, I stick with that one story until I finish. I learned my lesson after discovering over sixteen partially written stories that I’m working through.

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you that might surprise us.

A: I’ve never been into a sex shop before. LOL.

Q: What do you do to relax or get the creative juices flowing when you are struggling to meet your writing goals or deadlines?

A: I go for a drive or into my kitchen to bake. I find cooking and baking has helped me numerous times in the past or walking. I was walking through some forest in an area near where I live, and that was how I was able to work out the problems I had with Bound to be Mated. The trees, bushes, and other plants provided the scenery that I needed to think along the paranormal route. It was rather refreshing to get my problems resolved with some fresh air.

Q: What qualities do you think are important for the hero in a romance? Are there types of men you prefer to write about?

A: I really do love to write about dominant men. Not necessarily with BDSM elements either. I’ve always been attracted to books that feature strong men who go after what they want.

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