An Interview with Sydney Lain

Black and White Female Silhouette

Sydney Lain was born and raised in the Northeast of the United States. She loves to read fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal romance novels. After years of devouring book after book, Sydney started writing her own stories. She enjoys creating complex characters and throwing them together and letting the story write itself. Sydney will often get up hours before dawn to write another chapter or read the chapter written the day before. She has a busy schedule but gets creative when finding time in the day to steal writing moments.

Q: What about ManLove attracts you as a writer?

A: For me it’s about the stories. I’ve been creating stories before learning to write. I’d make up tales and verbally communicate those stories to anyone in my family who would listen. If nobody was listening, I created an imaginary audience to tell stories to. Storytelling was like breathing. It was second nature.

Writing didn’t become a factor until high school, and then I needed to learn how to effectively share my stories with others.

I like reading ManLove stories, and I enjoy creating my own stories. Love is beautiful and should have nothing to do with sexuality. Besides, I like men, so why stop with one? Two is much better!

Q: Is there anything you’ve read personally that you would say was a direct influence on the Supernatural Society Mates series, or on your writing in general?

A: A lot of different things influence my writing. Inspiration and ideas pop into my head all the time. Ideas come from things that happen to me every day. Watching two people interacting in a coffee shop, talking with the person behind the register, and a car speeding down the road are all seeds ready to bloom into a new story. Let’s take the two people in the coffee shop. The scene might be innocent, but then the mind takes over. They might be two male friends attracted to each other, but fighting the attraction. What brought them to this coffee shop? The coffee shop can be in a space station or a shop that serves a drink for vampires with blood mixed in. There are so many different roads that story can take after the initial observation or spark of inspiration.

In the Supernatural Society Mates series, the story takes place in a large fictional city. The city has been divided into territories. The political strain and the distrust were inspired by current events. People have different agendas, but no matter how chaotic the world gets, there are still couples falling in love.

Q: With Micah and Roman from Roman’s Silent Mate returning in Jacob’s Conflicted Heart, can we expect to see characters from these books continue to show up and play prominently in future additions to the series?

A: Yes, the characters will pop up in other books. Each volume will focus on a new couple, but all their lives are connected.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the direction you plan to take the series in?

A: Two major underlying themes in Supernatural Society Mates are acceptance and love. In the supernatural world people are different. Corruption along with the need for power starts to destroy the city, but regardless of how chaotic the world gets two people with different backgrounds fall in love. Love exists through the chaos.

Q: Which character do you like writing more: the protagonist or the villain? Why?

A: When writing, I become each character. They’re created from my imagination. On some days I like the villain and on others the protagonist. It depends on my mood.

Q: Out of all the lines you’ve written (so far!), which is your favorite?

A: “Why are you nervous? I don’t bite. Well, not much and you’ll enjoy it.”

—Griffin from Jacob’s Conflicted Heart.

Q: What person, record, and book would you take with you to a desert island?

A: I couldn’t pick one person. I think after a while we’d get on each other’s nerves. Besides I’m not the easiest person to live with. For a book, I’d use the time to write, so a blank journal with a pen. As for the record, something instrumental.

Q: What qualities do you think are important for the hero in a romance? Are there types of men you prefer to write about?

A: A hero needs a strength that draws other characters and readers to him. When he walks into a room, everyone stops and notices, but the hero can’t be perfect. That’s boring. No one wants to read about the guy who can do everything flawlessly. Those people don’t exist.

Q: If you could be any of your characters, who would it be and why?

A: Depends on my mood. Do I want to be a little evil or a hero? Do I want to be sarcastic or the nice person next door? The fun part of creating characters is that for a short period of time, I am those characters.

Q: One of your books is going to be adapted into a film. Which one? And who plays the main characters?

A: Supernatural Society Mates 1, Roman’s Silent Mate. I’d definitely start with book one with plans to adapt Jacob’s Conflicted Heart. When I created Roman, I envisioned a character from True Blood, Godric. Roman looks nothing like him, but he has the same feel of someone who’s lived for a long time, an old tortured soul trying to find meaning in the world. As for looks, I envisioned Superman—tall and gorgeous, but not as clean-cut. Micah is the boy next door. He looks more like the actor who played Godric in True Blood, but with dirty-blond hair.