An Interview with Tedi Sinclair

Author Image 4I am a military wife, a homeschool mom, and a hard-core crafter! Tedi made her first appearance during the most boring freshman English lecture of all time. When my physical body could no longer stand the droning, my conscious self retreated, and Tedi surfaced. Now, Tedi comes out to do crazy things like write erotic romance! She is also responsible for most of my sarcastic comments, epic jokes, and snort laughs.

Q: There are definitely some exceptionally beautiful moments between Adrian and Dev in your new book, and there seems to be an emphasis on how powerful all intimacy can be. How was finding a balance between sex itself and the simpler, more intimate acts—like kissing, for example—between these two characters? Do you think that’ll be a recurring focus, or did that just feel right with these two characters?

A: I think intimacy is integral to any relationship. Dev and Adrian needed to share an intense connection to make their love blossom more so than other couples I have written. With Adrian being the son of the goddess of force, he shared her brusque nature. He had to work hard to squash that nature and think of Dev. Little acts of caring helped him do that.

Q: So Dev is a Rakshasa while Adrian is a demigod, meaning this is a love story between a Hindu spirit and the son of a Greek goddess, Bia. What made you decide to bring these two very different cultures together?

A: The truth is I have a list of deities I’ve collected. Each one struck me as interesting and story worthy. Once I finally decide on the perfect deity, I scour the internet looking for just the right paranormal creature to pair with it. Rakshasa were created by Brahma to be protectors although Dev’s father wandered from that and tried to take Dev with him. I thought that Dev’s struggle to stay good would complement the underlying storyline of demon and deity conflicts.

Q: There have been many erotic romance books where couples come together as “mates” because they feel that natural energy and pull. What made you decide to stray from that and allow Adrian’s goddess mother to match the two of them together? What effect will this have on future books in the series?

A: Bia does things her own way, so it seemed fitting that she would make a decision one day and rush forward. I love the idea of couples having to work out their differences and make it work, finding love in who they were given. It’s a supernatural spin on arranged marriage.

Q: By including Zeus in Push and Pull, the second installment in your Supernatural Royalty series, you really pulled out the big guns. Any idea where you’re going to go in the next book? Will readers meet more famous gods?

A: Yes, and they will travel to other heavenly kingdoms. The next book in the series Big and Small is already written and in edits, so readers will be glued to their e-readers again in late October.

Q: What’s the most memorable sex scene from one of your books? Why?

A: In my other series, Strays, I have a scene between a very dominant man and his younger lover. I love it because the two really fought one another and when, er, push comes to shove, the dominant man is the bottom. It only goes to show that bottom and submissive are not necessarily linked.

Q: Who do you look up to? What are some of their qualities that you strive to possess as well?

A: My father and his love of nature. I love all things nature and science. But I don’t camp. Outside is nice to visit, but not stay. My father nurtured my inner nerd, and I try to bring that love of science into my writing in making the supernatural and paranormal just plausible enough that it might be believable.

Q: What qualities do you think are important for the hero in a romance? Are there types of men you prefer to write about?

A: I think men should be romantic when the time comes for it and able to express themselves. I prefer to write about the overtly masculine, gruff type of man, but he has to have a soft side that lets him say “I love you” and mean it.

Q: When you start a series, do you plan all the books and heroes out beforehand or do you make them up as you go along?

A: I’m a terrible writer in that I make it up as I go. I have a secret series in the works that has everything plotted out. I’m learning that is a much easier way to do things. We learn and improve as we go, I suppose.

Q: If you could be any of your characters, who would it be and why?

A: I have no desire to be a shifter. My allergies are horrible, and I’d probably be the only wolf allergic to myself! A demi-god would be nice. Tristan, the demi-god with hunky beau, Alaric, from Supernatural Royalty 3 would be my pick. He has wonderful healing powers and does so much good.

Q: Out of all the characters you’ve killed off, which one do you most wish you could have spared? Why?

A: I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that I am still on the fence about one shifter. He might just make it out alive.


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