Craving his Mate by Marcy Jacks

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

Craving his Mate

 Prequel to the Luna Wolves

By Marcy Jacks


 Chapter One


Jason Stone was a lone luna wolf. He had no family and barely any friends, and most shifters wanted him dead, but he was feeling pretty damn good when he left the town of Willow Lake.

Luna werewolves were rare, so he was happy that he now had a contact.

The guy’s name was Roarke. Interestingly enough, he wasn’t an omega, and it was too bad because otherwise Jason might have mated with him.

Alpha luna wolves didn’t mate with other alphas, but he’d liked the man well enough, and they’d shared a room together, which still made Jason grin just thinking about it.

Alphas could still have their fun, even if they wouldn’t be mated, and in his loneliness, Jason was willing to accept a friend with benefits at this point.

In his pocket he had the man’s contact information, email and phone number in case they ever wanted to hook up again, split the costs of traveling, that sort of thing.

Jason was looking for a pack of luna wolves, and so was Roarke. He’d been upset to hear that Roarke was also a wandering wolf without a pack. He’d scented the man and immediately thought that his time of running was finally going to come to an end, but no. Roarke had no pack either.

At least that might change. They’d both decided to head their separate ways, keeping in contact with each other about where they were going, and if there was the chance of finding a luna pack.

Two people searching separately was better than searching together, after all.

Luna werewolves were only men, and they only mated with other men. The alphas had a second shifter form that regular wolves were jealous of and other shifters feared, but Jason thought that it was just a flimsy excuse to pardon themselves for gay bashing.

For that, Jason had to make sure to keep his nose in the air. He’d showered before leaving Roarke in the motel room they’d shared, but any wolf worth his salt would still recognize his scent for what it was.

Walking through the woods like this could prove to be a dangerous thing if there were other werewolf packs around, the type that wouldn’t think twice about shifting and tearing his throat out.

Jason stopped as the wind shifted. His nose flared. The scent of strength itself floated into his nose, tickling the nerves inside and making all kinds of fireworks go off in his brain.

He swore he could even see the flashes of light in front of his eyes, and hear the booming and crackling in his ears.

His brain just exploded in his head.

There was another luna wolf in the area. Not Roarke. This one was an omega.

An omega luna wolf, and there were several alphas in the near vicinity as well, not to mention the smell of blood.

Jesus Christ.

   Jason dropped his bag of spare clothes and supplies and started running. His heart sped up as he pumped his arms and legs in a desperate attempt to move faster.

Please don’t be dead. Don’t be dead!

Omegas were a special form of fun for alpha wolves from other packs, especially if they were unclaimed.

Please God, no, he thought. The blood might be from something else. Maybe the omega was just getting too close for comfort to those alphas, and they were in the middle of a hunt.

God, he prayed that was it. He hoped that was it.

That was not it.

Because the wind was on his side, Jason was able to avoid being sniffed out by the four alphas who were circled around the lone omega. He was in human form, as were all of them.

They were also naked, meaning they’d just come from a shift, whereas the smaller man—God he looked young, and had to be early twenties—was still dressed, but his clothes were dirty and his mouth was bleeding.

He stared up at the lot of them with the kind of defiant blue eyes that made Jason’s insides melt, and his cock hardened and throbbed with the kind of painful and desperate need that he hadn’t felt even when he’d spent the night with Roarke, and that was after a pretty lengthy dry spell.

Jason carefully and quietly sniffed the air a little more. He nearly moaned, having to clamp his hand right over his mouth just to keep the sound from escaping him.

There was no mistaking this. The man down there wasn’t a random luna wolf that Jason had a hard-on for. That was his mate.

Those motherfuckers down there were torturing him.

Jason was completely outnumbered, but he did have the element of surprise on his side, and once he got into his luna form those idiots wouldn’t know what hit them.

He began to quickly strip out of his clothes, trying not to pay too much attention to what the men down there were doing to the blond omega, or what they would do if he didn’t hurry.

Thinking about that would only hinder the process, and transforming into his luna form wasn’t a near-instant thing like shifting into a regular gray wolf.

It could take up to a full minute before he finished, but by then he would be a tank that they couldn’t even hope to stop.



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