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Can’t remember the name of that author you read once upon a time? Want to check out some of the new authors writing ManLove books? Here at our Author Directory, you’ll find a comprehensive catalog of ManLove authors, along with the genres they write in and links to their personal websites. We’ll be adding new authors as our site continues to grow, so be sure to check back with us for the newest credit: amy.kay via photopin cc

Alanea Alder – Author Website      Paranormal

Vicktor Alexander – Author Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

J. Rose Allister – Author Website      Paranormal

Andi Anderson      Paranormal

Hennessee Andrews  Author Website      Western/Cowboy

Jade AstorAuthor Website     Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal

Addison Avery     Contemporary

Shawn Bailey     BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal

Carolina Barbour     Sci-Fi

Olivia Black – Author Website Contemporary, Paranormal, Vampire/Werewolf

J.P. Bowie – Author Website     Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Western/Cowboy

Rayna Bradbury     Contemporary, Paranormal

Aimée Brissay     Paranormal

L.L. Brooks

Jess Buffett –  Author Website     Paranormal

Mary Calmes – Author Website    

Alex Carreras –  Author Website     Contemporary, Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Beth D. Carter –  Author Website     Futuristic, Sci-Fi

L. C. Chase – Author Website    

Kelly Conrad – Author Website     Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Sam CrescentAuthor Website     Contemporary

Pat Cunningham     Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Tymber Dalton Author Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Wendi Darlin Author Website      Western/Cowboy

Dakota Dawn Author Website     BDSM, Fantasy, Paranormal

Sunny Day     Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Lexi DeHalo Author Website     Paranormal

Lacey Denair     Paranormal

Jana Downs Author Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Gabrielle EvansAuthor Website     Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Joy Lynn Fielding Author Website     Contemporary

Joyee FlynnAuthor Website     Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal

Harper FoxAuthor Website    

Jessica FrostAuthor Website     Paranormal

Ellen Ginsberg     BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal

Annette Gisby Author Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Stormy GlennAuthor Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi,  Western/Cowboy

Roland Graeme     BDSM, Contemporary,  Historical,  Western/Cowboy

Kari GreggAuthor Website    

Habu Author Website    

Lynn HagenAuthor Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Mallory Hall     Contemporary,  Western/Cowboy

Anika Hamilton     Fantasy

Kaje HarperAuthor Website    

Lou HarperAuthor Website    

Daisy HarrisAuthor Website     Contemporary, Paranormal

Hanna Hart     BDSM, Fantasy, Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Dawn H. HawkesAuthor Website     Paranormal

Stephani HechtAuthor Website    

Lisa HenryAuthor Website    

Leontii HolenderAuthor Website     Fantasy, Paranormal

JC HollyAuthor Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal

Kay Hope     Contemporary, Suspense

Scarlet HyacinthAuthor Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Marcy JacksAuthor Website     Paranormal

Sydney Jacolby Author Website     Suspense

Andrew Jericho – Author Website     Contemporary

Violet Joicey-Cowen Author Website     Paranormal

Amber KellAuthor Website    

Britt KenleyAuthor Website     Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal

Jorja Kish Author Website     Sci-Fi

Jayden Knight     Contemporary, Paranormal

Celia KyleAuthor Website    

Sydney Lain Author Website     Paranormal

Susan LaineAuthor Website     Contemporary,  Western/Cowboy

Amy E. Lambo     Paranormal

Amy LaneAuthor Website    

J. L. LangleyAuthor Website    

Josh LanyonAuthor Website    

Terra Laurent     Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal

Taylor Lewis     Contemporary,  Western/Cowboy

Miho Li     Contemporary

M LukeAuthor Website    

Missy LyonsAuthor Website     Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Sage MarloweAuthor Website     Contemporary, Paranormal

Cinzia Maro Author Website     Paranormal

Teya Martin     Contemporary, Paranormal

Missy MartineAuthor Website     Sci-Fi

Mark McCartyAuthor Website, Author Website    

Cooper McKenzieAuthor Website     Paranormal

Gracie C. McKeeverAuthor Website     BDSM, Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Kendall McKenna Author Website    

Anitra Lynn McLeodAuthor Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi,  Western/Cowboy

Holly McMahan     Contemporary

Holly Meadowes     Fantasy, Historical

Sean MichaelAuthor Website    

Tracey Michael     Contemporary

Kam MillerAuthor Website    

Elsie MooreAuthor Website     Paranormal

Gigi Moore     BDSM, Fantasy, Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Erin O‘QuinnAuthor Website     Historical

Jadette Paige     Fantasy

Sloan ParkerAuthor Website    

Michael Holloway PerronneAuthor Website    

Cassandra PierceAuthor Website     Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal

Leigha Phillips     Historical

Jordan Castillo PriceAuthor Website    

Ellen QuinnAuthor Website     Paranormal

Jane Leopold QuinnAuthor Website     Contemporary

Tonya RamagosAuthor Website     Contemporary, Western/Cowboy

Robyn Reigns     Paranormal

E.A. Reynolds     Fantasy, Paranormal

Charlie RichardsAuthor Website    

Penelope RiversAuthor Website    

Mandy RoskoAuthor Website     Fantasy, Paranormal

Abigail RouxAuthor Website    


Lyssa SamuelsAuthor Website     Sci-Fi

Christine Shaw     BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal

Diana Sheridan     Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Skylar SinclairAuthor Website     Contemporary

Tedi SinclairAuthor Website     Fantasy, Paranormal

Gale StanleyAuthor Website     Paranormal

Lynn Stark Author Website     BDSM,  Western/Cowboy

Pixie Storm Author Website     Paranormal

JC SzotAuthor Website     Contemporary

Tatum ThroneAuthor Website     BDSM, Contemporary

Lex ValentineAuthor Website    

Piper VaughnAuthor Website    

Jane Wallace-Knight Author Website     Paranormal

May Water     Historical, Paranormal, Western

Della Webb     Contemporary, Suspense

Missy WelshAuthor Website    

Shannon WestAuthor Website     Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Winona WilderAuthor Website     BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal,  Western/Cowboy

Serena YatesAuthor Website    

Amanda YoungAuthor Website

P. A. ZimmermanAuthor Website