Drag Show by Andrew Jericho

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

Drag Show

By Andrew Jericho

“Get your legs back, baby,” Derek said as he pushed Vince’s thighs against his chest. “Now, spread them,” he ordered, pressing the flesh apart with his fingertips. “I want you open when I wrap my lips around your cock.”

“I don’t have long…maybe twenty minutes before I’m up,” Vince whispered.

“Baby, you’re already up. Damn, you’ve been hard all night!”

Derek lay next to Vince on a small couch in a private dressing room. Reaching down, he pulled the lavender G-string from Vince’s groin, releasing the swollen dick and sac. The cockhead was wet with pre-cum. Leaning over, Derek dragged his lips across the slit, licking the juice away with his tongue. The sweet taste of Vince was making his own cock hard.

“Put me in your mouth,” Vince spoke.

Even though he heard the desperate plea in Vince’s voice, Derek didn’t immediately comply. Instead, he let his eyes take in the man lying beneath him. Vince’s legs were still bent, and his thighs spread open. Derek had a perfect view of Vince’s smooth physique.

While he had removed the G-string, a matching bra remained in place. The brunette wig, teased and styled in gentle waves, hung to Vince’s shoulders. A pastel palette of drag makeup highlighted the man’s face. Vince’s sexy brown stare was accentuated with shades of violet and ice gray. Cheekbones were mauve, as lips, a shade darker, caught his attention. Pressing his lips to Vince’s mouth, Derek didn’t let the caress linger for more than a few seconds in fear of ruining the makeup.

“Not yet, Violet Whispers, but I will suck your dick. Do you like me calling you that? Because, that’s what you told me when we walked into your dressing room.”

Derek smiled as the man looking up into his eyes grew restless.

“I’m running out of time,” Vince said.

“No you’re not. Hell, you’re close now. I can almost feel you coming against the back of my throat. I enjoy your taste.”

Hearing a knock on the door and a voice saying that Violet Whispers was up in ten, Derek focused his attention back to the brown stare full of desire.

“Don’t leave me like this, Derek.”

Feeling two arms wind around his neck, Derek kissed the smooth forearms near his mouth. Then he felt Vince’s hands pushing his head lower.

“I can finish you in five, baby, and still leave time to put on that pretty gown,” Derek said, eyeing a lavender sequined dress nearby.

Before Vince could reply, Derek’s mouth sank deep onto the other man’s dick. His lips quickly reached the base, as the cockhead hit the back of his throat. Vince’s pre-cum filled his mouth, and he heard his own groan at the sweet taste. Violet Whispers was coming unglued in his arms. The man arched his back, as Derek caught him with his hands, steadying his body.

“Keep your legs open…stay still.” Derek spoke, taking a breath.

To control Vince’s movement, Derek hooked his forearms beneath Vince’s bent knees. Derek continued to glide his lips, moving upwards on the shaft of Vince’s cock. Swirling the tip with his tongue, and going down once more, he heard Vince groan. That was his cue to release the man’s dick from his mouth. Derek covered the man’s torso with his own, as he positioned himself between Vince’s thighs.  

“I need to come, Derek!”

“I’ve got two minutes left. I want to hear you ask me to suck your cock.”

“Suck me, Derek.”

“Not in Violet’s voice, ask me in Vince’s tone.”

“Suck my cock, Derek.”

Hearing Vince’s masculine voice, with a hint of flamboyance, almost pushed him over the edge. He was hard, and his own cockhead was wet with pre-cum. Damn, if there wasn’t something hot about hearing Vince’s voice from behind the glamour. He ached to feel his dick buried inside the ass inches from his fingertips. In his mind, Derek imagined smooth legs wrapped around his waist as the spikes of purple heels dug into his back.

Derek kissed a path down Vince’s torso, over his abdomen, finally returning his lips to the hard flesh now pulsating in his mouth. He firmly wrapped his lips around the shaft, as he reached for lube on the coffee table. Finally, he was getting to explore the reason he had Vince’s thighs spread open. Lubing two fingers, he inserted them simultaneously into the other man’s anal cavity. Derek quickly flicked his digits in an upward curling motion, feeling the smooth walnut-shaped gland beneath his fingertips.

“Derek!” Vince cried out.

Derek felt the sweet trails of hot semen coating the inside of his mouth as some of the juice slid down his throat.

“I want you inside me, Derek! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“Get up and get your dress on, baby,” Derek responded tenderly.


“There will be time later, Vince. Now get up and get your dress on.”

“I’ve only got five minutes! Thank god, I’m going limp!”

“Tuck your dick…put the G-string back on for me…cover with spandex.”

Derek watched as Vince starting the routine of concealing his genitals. The man was quick about it, he’d give him that.

“When will I see you again?” Vince asked, as he continued the process. “I need to know, Derek. One blow job isn’t going to take care of this ache!”

“Maybe after your first routine,” Derek replied.

“I’m tucked,” Vince said, as he quickly put on the G-string, covering it with a pair of white spandex shorts.



“Nothing, just help me with the dress zipper.”

“I’ll be around. Besides, I don’t think you are supposed to have visitors in your dressing room.”

Derek pulled the zipper up, and he watched Vince adjust his body in the dress. Then he saw the man turn around to face him. At six foot, he had to look up at least three inches into Vince’s eyes.

“I promise, Vince, you’ll see me again.”

“Violet Whispers, you’re up,” a voice said as the door flung open.

Derek watched as the young man, with a Bluetooth attached to his ear and a clipboard in one hand, escorted Vince out towards the stage entrance.




Vince was part of an entertainment routine named Drag Show. The group consisted of him, a drag mother, and five other daughters. All seven had worked together for two years, traveling the Southern portion of the United States. Tonight they were home in Little Rock, Arkansas, performing at a dinner theatre. The show was their last before they took a break for the summer. Vince was glad to have time off, not from drag, but from the hate he had encountered while on the road.

The seven of them were not only coworkers, but had formed a family. Each was as diverse as they were similar. Vince, his drag mother, and two of his sisters were gay men. Two were transgender women, and one was a straight man who enjoyed cross-dressing.

While Vince was a gay man, he not only enjoyed cross-dressing, but it gave him sexual pleasure when he saw Violet Whispers staring back in a mirror. Even more satisfying was being in the arms of a man while dressed in drag. Vince wanted back in Derek’s arms.

As he walked towards the stage entrance, alongside the young man escorting him, Vince knew he had to clear his thoughts of Derek. A hard-on would not only be painful, but probably ruin his performance for the evening.

As Vince reached the stage, he was met by his drag mother, and one of his sisters who had just completed her number. Mutual hugs were exchanged, and then Vince found himself on stage before a packed house. His routine was a vintage performance, as he stood before a silver antique microphone. Vince enjoyed being a brunette bombshell for an audience.

Right before the music began, Vince could feel the changed atmosphere and excitement of the crowd. As the stage went dark, all except a spotlight cast on him, Vince caught a glimpse of Derek sitting at a table in the front row. He was drinking a violet martini. Vince felt his pulse quicken, as a rush of excitement filled his body. A few appreciative catcalls and whistles could be heard from the audience.

The stage had a row of lights at the bottom that cast a glow into the audience. Their purpose was to provide a lighted path for guests, but Vince used it as an excuse to focus his eyes on Derek. Much to his delight, Derek was staring back.

As Vince began his number, his eyes took in the man sitting a few feet below him. Derek was a handsome gentleman. At fifty, he was ten years older than Vince. His salt-and-pepper hair was neatly cut in a businessman’s style. He always wore dress slacks and shirts. Tonight, he was wearing a pair of black pants and a lavender shirt. Derek was classy, sophisticated, and made Vince’s skin tingle and his cock wet with pre-cum.

Derek sat quiet and reserved through the show, even when other guests approached the stage to hand Vince money. As Violet emerged, Vince saw desire fill Derek’s eyes. The sexual tension between them mounted. When Violet’s song was coming to an end, he watched as Derek lifted his glass and downed the remainder of the cocktail. Then the handsome gentleman got up and left the room.

Vince kissed one of his drag sisters on both cheeks, as she made her way onto the stage for the next routine. As he walked off stage, Vince could still hear his heart pounding. His cock was starting to get hard. He had to return to his dressing room, get untucked, and out of the spandex. The same young man, who had escorted him off stage, had now returned. Vince walked quickly down a hall full of backstage employees and security.

His eyes scanned constantly for Derek, as he remembered the promise the older man had made. However, Derek wasn’t around. Vince was fighting a hard-on, and wanting to continue what they had started in his dressing room. If Derek didn’t show up, Vince would have to take care of the ache in his groin himself. He had at least a thirty-minute break before his final act of the night.

The young man left him at the door of his dressing room, and quickly disappeared down the hall. Vince turned the doorknob, walked inside, and shut the door. He felt warm breath on the back of his neck, and the tender caress of two hands running down his body. The unexpected attention made him moan in pleasure.

“Derek,” Vince whispered, “you found me.”

“Violet Whispers, I’m a man who keeps my promises,” Derek replied.




Derek was rock hard, and could only imagine that Vince was spiraling out of control. Standing behind the man’s body, Derek continued to run his hands over flesh that tingled beneath his fingertips. Reaching between them, Derek pulled up Vince’s knee-length gown around his waist. The action gave him the access he needed to free Vince’s cock and sac.

“I can’t fight it anymore, Derek. I’m getting hard.”

Derek quickly peeled the spandex and G-string off Vince’s body. In doing so, Vince’s semi-hard dick sprung free. He watched as it quickly became erect. Still standing behind the other man’s body, Derek pressed his own cock against Vince’s naked ass. He then wrapped a hand around Vince’s swollen dick. The juice was coating his fingers as Derek worked his hand in a pumping motion. Pre-cum always made a nice lube.

“Derek, shit! What you gave me earlier was a tease. I don’t like to be teased!”

“Would you like a hard dick stuck up your ass instead?” Derek asked.

Derek smiled as he heard Vince whimper. Then he felt Vince’s head fall back against his shoulder. Derek began to kiss the side of Vince’s neck, as his hand continued to pump the hard flesh surrounded by his fingertips.

Overcome with desire for Violet Whispers, Derek tugged hard at the fabric of the man’s dress. In one quick motion, he ripped the gown from hem to waist.

“My dress,” Vince spoke in a tone that sounded like a half-hearted attempt to pretend he cared about the costume.

“We’ll get you another one, baby,” Derek replied, as he finished ripping the material from Vince’s body.

Turning Violet Whispers to face him, Derek thought about taking the man, pushing him against the wall, picking him up, and setting him down on his swollen cock. Instead he paused, admiring the smooth and toned physique standing before him. He reached around Vince’s chest and unhooked the bra, removing the padding in the process. Now Vince was standing naked before him. While Vince had his own fetishes and fantasies, one of Derek’s was making love to Violet Whispers, the hot gay man standing before him, with nothing but a wig and a face full of drag makeup.

“Ask me to fuck you, Violet Whispers,” Derek said.

“Fuck me, Derek.”

Derek swept Vince into his arms, walking to a large mirrored vanity full of cosmetics and hair products. With one sweep of his hand, everything scattered onto the floor. Derek laid Violet Whisper’s naked body against the Formica countertop. When he covered Vince’s body with his own, he tenderly nuzzled his ear.

“Fuck. Make love. The two are pretty much the same, depending on how you look at it, or at least that’s my opinion,” Derek whispered.

Derek moved between Vince’s open legs, pressing their bodies together. He touched their lips in a passionate kiss, licking against Vince’s mouth, parting the man’s lips. When he slipped his tongue inside the moist heat, he heard Vince moan.

He felt Vince tugging at his shirt, desperately trying to remove it from his pants. Breaking their lips apart, he watched while Violet Whispers eyes met his own. Then, he allowed the man lying beneath him to slowly unbutton his shirt, and slip it from his shoulders. The feel of Vince’s smooth skin against his rougher, more muscular physique, continued to ignite his passion.

Keeping one hand behind Vince’s head, Derek used his other to remove his slacks, as their lips never parted. Their tongues danced in a lingual caress that pushed Derek to the point where nothing else mattered except Violet. He pulled their bodies tight, aligning their groins, as he cupped Vince’s hip with one of his hands.

“The lube’s on the coffee table, across the room, Violet. If you want my fingers inside you, suck them and get them wet.”

Derek rubbed both of his fingers across Vince’s bottom lip, before inserting them into the man’s mouth. Vince sucked both of his digits, swirling his tongue around the flesh. When Derek removed his fingers he slid them inside Vince’s anal cavity. Realizing that Vince was still open from their play earlier, Derek didn’t spend a long time in foreplay. Moving his fingertips inside of Vince’s ass, swirling each digit, Derek finally removed them. He replaced his fingers with half of his cock.

“Was that what you wanted, baby?” Derek asked.

He felt Vince respond by wrapping his legs around his waist. The fantasy of purple heels digging into his back was coming true. Reaching between them, Derek using his thumb to gather the pre-cum that had formed on Vince’s cockhead. He lubed the other half of his dick with the juice, pressing it inside Vince’s body. Derek was now buried deep within the tight, warm, heat of Violet Whisper’s ass.

“So damn tight,” Derek groaned.

“I love

“Don’t say it,” Derek replied.


“Soon…so soon, baby.”

Derek’s thrusts were firm and even, as he pushed the hard flesh of his swollen dick repeatedly into Vince’s tight heat. With each forward movement also came retreat, as Derek pulled all but his cockhead from the warmth. Then he trust forward again, eliciting sensual groans from the man beneath him.

“I love

This time when Derek heard Vince trying to open his heart, he muffled the rest of the sentiment with his lips. Derek’s mouth was back on Vince’s lips, as he engaged Violet Whispers in a passionate kiss.

“Why won’t you let me tell you?” Vince pleaded. “Fuck me, Derek. Fuck me hard and fast.”

“Come, baby, come for me.”

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      Thank you, Stephanie! Glad you liked it.

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      Hi, Salena. I am glad that you enjoyed, Drag Show!

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