Drag Show by Andrew Jericho

“Fuck me!” Vince whined.

“I enjoy making love to you! So. Damn. Much.” The last three words that Derek spoke faded to a series of groans.

His cock was beginning to throb, as he felt it twitch and spasm inside Vince’s body. Each shot of cum left him to buck forward against Vince’s torso. His hot semen was bathing the internal walls of the man’s ass. While he came, he continued to thrust in a rhythmic motion, enjoying the feel of his own juice.

“Words don’t mean shit,” Derek whispered against Vince’s ear. “What I feel right now and what is written all over your face does.”

Vince gasped, and Derek felt his lover coming in his arms. Warm shots of cum were streaking his chest and abdomen. Running a thumb across his lower body, Derek collected some of Vince’s juice on the pad of his finger. He ran his finger over the man’s lower lip, before pressing their mouths together in a tender kiss.

“I am a gay man who likes to top,” Derek whispered against Vince’s parted lips. “I also enjoy a hard cock against the back of my throat, putting my dick in an ass, and the taste of cum. All four of those things I prefer with you, baby. Now, we’re going to let our hearts talk, Vince,” Derek said as he ran his hands down the length of the younger man’s body.

“I love you, Derek,” Vince spoke. “My preference is you.”

For a few moments, Derek didn’t reply, searching his lover’s eyes. They were still joined, connected, as intimate as two men could get.

“I love you, too, Vince.”

Feeling Vince’s trembling and the moist sheen of sweat that covered the man’s body, Derek picked his partner up into his arms. He carried him a short distance to the couch. Derek sat down first, and positioned Violet on his lap.

“So handsome and beautiful, too,” Derek whispered, before he captured Vince’s mouth in another tender kiss, “Is your ache gone?”

 “Mmm,” Vince moaned. “For now. The ache begins every time you touch me.”

“Did you enjoy our game, Violet?” Derek asked, pulling Vince’s head against his chest. “Because that was not your only surprise. The evening is just getting started.”

“Yes, Derek, I did,” Vince replied in a sensual tone.

“I’m still the adoring fan who found his way into your dressing room.”

“Twice,” Vince said. “I was afraid you wouldn’t show up on my break, like you did at the last show.”

“I made you wait until we got back to the hotel.”

“That was hard.”

“Yes, but remember what we shared that night?”


Derek’s mouth found Vince’s lips again

“This time, I’m taking both you and Violet home,” Derek said, reluctantly parting their lips. “After twenty years, I’ve grown accustomed to being married to two men.”

“A gay man and a drag queen?”

Derek saw the seductive stare in Vince’s eyes.

“Yes, Vince, now get up and get Violet dolled up. The queen is up in fifteen minutes.”




Vince was still the brunette bombshell in his second and final performance. However, instead of the lavender sequined dress that Derek ripped off him, he now wore a dark purple full-length gown. The rhinestones adorning the arms and bodice twinkled in the darkened theatre. He canvassed the crowd, sitting in other men’s laps, as he lip-synced to another vintage recording. The rules were simple. Others could look but not touch, except when he sat on his final lap.

“I hope you know you’ve got me hard again, Violet,” Derek whispered in his ear. “I’m glad it’s dark, because I’m sure you’re responsible for more than my hard-on.”

As Vince mouthed the words to a song he had performed a hundred times, he looked into the eyes of his greatest supporter. He felt the tender caress of fingertips on his upper thigh.

“And you called me a tease?” Derek said. “Once I get you home, I should rip that dress off you, too. Then, put your legs over my shoulders, and remind myself that I am the one who gets to go home with you.”

Vince’s heart was pounding again. He had lingered in Derek’s lap longer than he should.

“I can still taste you, baby. The perfume you’re wearing is nice, but I can smell my scent. Other men want to touch you, but I’m the only one who does.”

While Vince continued to sing, he ran the back of his hand across Derek’s cheek.

“Why, Violet? Tell me why I am the only man who gets to touch you?” Derek asked, in the same hushed tone.

Only Vince could hear the sensual sound of Derek’s voice. His partner’s romantic words had him fighting another hard-on. Once they got home, Vince knew Derek would make him come a third time in the privacy of their bed. His husband was building the tension he craved. This was still their private game. Derek always orchestrated it, and Vince succumbed to the sexuality.

“Tell me, Violet.” Derek spoke again.

“Because I love you, Derek,” Vince simply replied as the song came to an end.

“I can’t wait to get you home and into our bed, where you belong,” Derek murmured against his ear.

“Twice in one night…it’s been a while since we’ve done that,” Vince said.

Vince smiled, feeling his husband’s dick hard against his thigh.

“I decide our games. If you don’t like them, then you don’t have to play.”

Vince smiled again, feeling the pad of Derek’s finger sensually rubbing across his bottom lip. He thought that Derek should be a fantasy lover, a man who only lived in the pages of steamy romance novels. Instead, Vince had been privileged to spend twenty years in erotic anticipation. The thought of never knowing what Derek had planned for their lives, or their lovemaking, kept Derek in a state of almost constant arousal. The mental stimulation was almost as fun as his lover’s hands on his body.

As Vince told the crowd that Derek was his husband, he watched his lover leaving the theatre to get their car. The stage was flooded with flowers, as Vince took a final bow with the rest of his drag family. After Vince left the stage, he walked back to his dressing room, knowing that Derek would be waiting. When he opened the door, he was pulled into warm arms.

“So what else do you have planned for our game tonight?” Vince asked.

When he pulled back to stare into Derek’s eyes, he was startled when he realized it was his partner’s identical twin, Alec, holding him. Once he opened the door, the embrace happened so fast, that he hadn’t noticed the different eye color. The only way that Vince could tell the brothers apart was the fact that Alec’s eyes were the shade of a midnight sky. Derek’s eyes were dark chestnut. Alec was also wearing the same color of clothing as his partner.

“Sorry, I thought you were Derek,” Vince said.

In a gesture that sent raw desire through Vince’s body, Alec ran the back of his index finger down his cheek. Vince didn’t look into the eyes that he felt staring at his face.

“Derek has requested that I take you home,” Alec said as his finger continued the gentle caress.

Vince backed away from Alec’s touch, as he began to pack his suitcase. He silently wondered if this was part of the other surprise. The evening is just getting started. Derek’s words echoed in his thoughts. He wasn’t sure why Alec had touched him, only that Derek must have known. Vince trusted his husband, even now.

While Vince continued to pack, he saw Alec standing quietly nearby. His thoughts raced, returning him to a conversation he had shared with his husband a few weeks prior. They had discussed adding another partner to their relationship. The idea had been Derek’s. Is there anyone that you are attracted to? Derek’s question had been immediately followed with a revelation. My brother is in love with you.

Two weeks ago, Vince had skirted the issue, even though Derek encouraged him to follow his heart. He wasn’t sure when he had developed feelings for the handsome twin, except he had been falling in love with Alec for weeks. Vince’s only reservation was that his husband’s brother was more reserved with his feelings. At times while he thought he could feel Alec’s attraction to him, he often wondered if it was his own desires creating the tension.  Even though Derek seemed comfortable with the possibility, Vince was afraid of sharing his feelings with Alec. He didn’t want to open his heart if the man didn’t feel the same way.




On the ride home, Vince exchanged pleasantries with his brother-in-law, trying to ignore the romantic tension. The emotion had been present ever since Alec touched his face. When they arrived home, Alec told him he could find Derek in the bedroom. He climbed the stairs that led to the room he shared with his partner while Alec followed. When he opened the door, Derek was waiting. His lover gave him a tender kiss.

“I enjoy seeing the arousal in your eyes, Vince,” Derek whispered against his ear. “Now, take a shower. Alec and I will be waiting.”

The lights in their bedroom were dimmed. A few candles created enough light for Vince to see the desire in Derek’s face, as well as a new emotion present in Alec’s eyes. At Derek’s request, Vince said nothing, leaving the two men alone, closing the bathroom door.

Once Vince had removed his dress, undergarments, wig, and makeup, he quickly showered. His third hard-on of the night ached, as warm water fell over his body.

Now, with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, Vince knew he was going to get a chance to reveal his own feelings for his husband’s brother. When he opened the bathroom door, both men moved within a kiss away from his lips. Vince’s eyes met two faces full of love. There was no mistaking Alec’s feelings.

“Did you enjoy Alec touching you, Vince?” Derek asked.

“He caressed my cheek,” Vince replied.

“Yes, Alec told me. Now, I want you to tell him what is written on your face. He asked for permission to love you. I told him none was needed, because I know you feel the same.”

When Vince met Alec’s stare, the warm ache in his dick spread over his body.

“I love you, Vincent,” Alec said, “and I have for a while. No…I always have.”

“We both want to make love to you, baby,” Derek said.

“Vince, I want to be inside you,” Alec whispered.

Vince closed his eyes as he felt the smooth caress of Alec’s hand against his cheek. The towel around his waist fell, and he wasn’t sure which brother removed it. When he opened his eyes, he was in the center of the bed on his knees. Alec was beneath him, as he felt his cock buried deep within the man’s mouth. Derek was behind him, dragging his tongue over his anal opening. Vince gasped when Derek inserted his tongue inside his ass.

The sensation of Alec’s lips sucking his shaft, coupled with Derek’s tongue swirling inside him, had Vince’s flesh hot and damp with perspiration. Two sets of hands were tenderly stroking and moving over his body.

“I still haven’t heard you tell Alec you love him,” Derek said. “Because, I damn sure wouldn’t let another man touch you if he wasn’t serious about a commitment.”

Smiling, Vince knew the time had come to reveal his own heart. Vince was being pulled onto his back, while both men lay on either side of his body, looking down into his eyes.

“I love you, Alec,” Vince whispered.

Derek reached for the lube on the nightstand, tossing it to Alec. Vince watched as his husband’s brother lubed two of his fingers, before sliding them inside him. Arching his back, Vince cried out in pleasure. As Alec’s foreplay opened his body, Derek’s lips were flush with his groin. He felt his cockhead hitting the back of Derek’s throat.

Alec was now between his legs, pushing his thighs apart, as his lover’s dick quickly filled him for the first time. Derek’s mouth was still wrapped around Vince’s cock, and he felt rhythmic movements from the man whose dick was buried inside his ass.

Just as quickly as the trio’s passion had begun, it slowed to a tender pace. The similarities of each brother’s appearance faded into personal words and caresses, while Vince became aware of the two men’s individual spirits. As soon as Alec cupped both of his hands beneath his hips, continuing to thrust deep into his body, Vince’s dick came inside Derek’s mouth.

“I love you, Vincent,” Alec whispered in his ear. “I should have already made you mine.”

“I love you, too, Vince,” Derek said. “Open your heart to my brother.”

Alec was trembling on top of him as Vince ran his hands over his buttocks.

“Damn, you feel good, Vincent,” Alec whispered again.

Vince didn’t have a chance to reply, because Derek’s cock went inside his mouth. A few swirls of his tongue were all it took before his lover’s warm semen flooded his mouth then slid down his throat. Derek groaned. The sound was followed by Alec’s moans of pleasure, and another rush of cum filled Vince’s ass.

The same two pairs of hands were now caressing Derek’s body as he lay between both men, half covered with a sheet.

“Did Violet enjoy the game tonight?” Derek asked.

Vince nodded, turning his face to look into Derek’s dark chestnut stare.

“I love Violet, too,” Alec murmured. “Vincent, you make one damn fine queen.”

The contrast of Alec’s blue eyes were intoxicating, and Vince also became lost in their stare.

“Vince, my brother wants to move in with us next week,” Derek said, “Then you would have two husbands to play drag show games with. Alec and I have always shared everything, and that now includes you. I told him he would have to ask you.”

Vince watched as Alec continued to stare into his eyes. He felt the same warmth spreading over his body as when Alec told him he loved him.

“He doesn’t have to ask,” Vince said. “That was implied when he made love to me.”

“Be my partner, Vincent,” Alec said tenderly.

Vince nodded, feeling Alec’s lips against his own.

“Keep sharing your heart with him,” Derek whispered against Vince’s ear.

“I need you in my life, Alec,” Vince said.

“I know, that’s why I’m here,” Alec replied. “I need you, too, sweetheart.”

Vince was now being pulled against Alec’s chest, as two arms curled him close.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Derek said. “Alec and I will be making love to you again in the morning.”

“Every morning,” Vince murmured.

Both brothers were now lying on their sides, with Vince in the middle. He laid his head against Alec’s chest, while Derek curled behind him. He smiled as he remembered Derek’s words. Two husbands to play drag show games with should prove interesting.

The End




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