Drama District Press Presents: “The Song of the Spy”

Now Available:  The Song of the Spy 

After winning America’s top talent competition, Thomas Roebuck has more wealth and success than he ever dreamed possible, but when he is abducted and forced into service by a rogue governmental official, he becomes even more powerful than he could have imagined, once fellow captive Dr. Lavery Hudson is compelled to use his untested biological reprogramming procedure on the superstar in an effort to create a nearly invincible spy. Now gifted with heightened physical senses and incredible strength, Thomas learns to adapt to his magnificent capabilities, while he and Lavery are tasked to stay under the cover of the entertainer’s glamorous life in order to execute a covert assignment of international importance. Despite the threat against them, the duo work toward finding liberation from their plight, while they begin to act on their mutual feelings of sweet attraction and sexual passion and soon begin to understand that the truth will not only set them free, it just might keep them together forever.

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