Fifteen Years Earlier by Taylor Brooks

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

Fifteen Years Earlier

By Taylor Brooks

Peter stepped out of the water and grabbed his towel. The small patch of beach was littered with leaves and branches from the surrounding trees. He toweled off his damp body and laid the towel back down on the ground. Dex hadn’t stopped staring at him since the moment he’d gone in the water.

The stranger who he’d found on his family’s island earlier that evening had seemed carefree at first. They’d made small talk, discussing everything from baseball to the upsurge in technology as they took turns sipping on the bottle of whiskey he’d commandeered from his dad’s liquor cabinet.

In the past hour the mood seemed to change for them both. Peter no longer felt the disorienting buzz from the amber elixir they shared. He’d stopped drinking it around an hour before and between them both they’d eaten a whole bag of potato chips and gobbled down a good half of a pound of some cold cuts he’d swiped from the cabin’s refrigerator.

He lay down on the towel and looked up at the stars. The sky was clear, giving them an unusually bright night for such a desolate part of the lake. The stars and moon reflected off of the water, casting ripples of shimmering light to dance across the serious expression on Dex’s face.

Peter had always prided himself on being able to read people. Even at eighteen years old, he had mastered it. There was something about Dex that was making it near impossible to tell exactly what the local boy was thinking. His eyes didn’t give him away like most others did.

The uncertainty Peter felt was driving him crazy. The brown-haired boy, also eighteen, who he happened upon just hours earlier was definitely his type. His body was lean and decorated with muscles on his arms and legs. The old, tight pair of swim trunks Dex wore showed more of him than he may have realized. The sight provided Peter with a teasing image of the bulge in his pants. He had green eyes, but not the typical ones one was used to seeing. These were dark. So dark that in the night they could almost be mistaken for black. His brown wavy hair wasn’t too long, but wasn’t exactly cut short either. It had a certain wildness about it that appealed to Peter. Always going to the best schools and attending parties where only their Sunday best was appropriate, he rarely had time to let his inner rebel shine through. This evening spent with Dex had given him that outlet he’d needed.

He looked up at the stars, quiet and deep in his thoughts. If this guy gave him any kind of clue, he might just make a move. It was the not knowing that was making it damn near impossible to even move, much less make small talk.

The only reason for his midnight dip in the lake had been to rein in his growing lust. When they sat down, eating and drinking, Peter could feel his body reacting to Dex. The island might belong to his family, but the town belonged to Dex and the many others like him. They were residents of Crystal Cove. Peter and his family were mere visitors who came by a few times a year, if even that often. Making the wrong move with this guy could potentially embarrass his family, not to mention himself.

He wasn’t sure if Dex was gay, but he sure as hell was sending off some vibes. As he lay there, Peter could feel his eyes on him. The intensity of the stare was making him flush and heat from the inside out. Just as his heart rate began to increase Peter took his chance.

“You know, Dex. . .if you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to do something about it.”

He opened his eyes and turned his head to the side. Looking at his new friend, he saw what he needed to. The indecision he’d felt just minutes earlier had been replaced with resolve. Dex wanted him, and he wanted Dex.

Peter reached his hand over and rubbed at the growing tent in Dex’s trunks. He could feel his cock harden underneath his touch, and the knowledge of that excited him all the more. It had been months since he’d been with another man. The one lover he’d had from school had decided to stuff his gayness in the closet to appease his family, leaving behind Peter and their many private interludes. Now as he stroked along the thick cock of his local friend, he was hit with the realization of how gorgeous Dex was.

Dex dipped his head down and pressed his lips against Peter’s. The warmth of his kiss sent pulsating little bolts racing through his body. His dick jolted in reaction. A touch of wetness coated his hand as Dex’s cock leaked through the fabric. With his head rested back against the sand and his eyes closed, Peter gave into the moment. Dex’s hot breath covered his face. Their mouths only touched by the mere whisper of their lips, but he could sense something more coming. His body was on fire, his cock all but screaming for attention.

“God, I want to fuck you.” Peter’s eyes flashed open. His mind had betrayed him, allowing his subconscious thoughts to speak aloud.



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