Fun with Fruit Juice by Marcy Jacks

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Fun with Fruit Juice

Fun with Fruit Juice

A Short Scene with Taylor and Matt

By Marcy Jacks


Taylor could still remember the time when Matthias, his guardian angel and lover, had stared into the jar of red fruit juice mix, which Taylor always had available in his house, as though it was a can of worms instead of sugar. It was Taylor’s drink of choice from all the way back into childhood, and the mix was always in his house.

Matt had almost sneered at the stuff and declared it was not real fruit and not fit for consumption with a healthy breakfast.

Of course, it wasn’t like he would ever stop Taylor from buying it, or drinking it as much as he liked. Matt wasn’t even the kind of man who would ask for Taylor to stop drinking it. They didn’t have that kind of relationship. Just because Matt was a health nut, didn’t mean that he was going to nag Taylor into giving up his favorite foods, even the ones Matt didn’t approve of.

It made Taylor suspicious, every time he stirred the sugar into a jug of fresh cold water and Matt watched shrewdly as the pure water changed red, that Matt had never had anything processed in his entire life. Was it this way with all Angels? They basically lived off of the fruit and vegetables that grew in the gardens in heaven and were filled with the juice of the Gods. Ambrosia. Apparently, it was the way that angels survived. They couldn’t live without it, the same way that humans couldn’t live without water, so he was certain that was the case.

Then he’d found out that Dante and his former guardian angel, Jeremy, made a habit of eating pancakes at least once a week. Pancakes. Something that was inevitably loaded with sugar if the bottles of maple syrup—and not even the real stuff either—in the fridge were anything to go by.

Taylor couldn’t let that stand. That was when the plotting began.

Matt could still eat the food grown on earth, but it wouldn’t sustain him for long, and he wouldn’t even touch anything that came frozen, or from a box, or had all kinds of chemical colors.

Even the water he drank had to come from the filter on the tap. He was very picky.

Enough was enough. It had never before bothered him that Matt was so picky, probably because Matt never tried to turn him into a vegan or something, which was impossible because as a werewolf Taylor needed his protein, but now Taylor just couldn’t get it out of his head. It was bothering him, and he had to act.

He smiled at his lover across the little breakfast table. They lived with Dante and Jeremy, but Taylor still kept the rights to his own crappy little cottage out in the woods, and he and Matt only went there when they really wanted some privacy, or if Dante and Jeremy wanted a romantic night.

Now was not one of those times, though they did have the house to themselves. Taylor worked from home on his computer, so it wasn’t like he needed to go anywhere in order to get paid, like Dante and Jeremy did. They needed to be at the office bright and early, which meant Taylor had at least until five tonight to somehow find a way to trick his lover into putting sugar into his body.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?” Matt asked.

“No reason,” he said. “I’m just really happy. It’s a good day.”

Considering the night they’d had, it wasn’t like he was lying to his lover about it.

Matt grinned back at him, and Taylor knew that he was safe, for now.

“Well, I thought I would go down into Dante’s gym and try out some of his new equipment before stretching my wings. Did you want to join me, or were you going to get straight to work?”

Matt was still an angel living on earth. He wasn’t like Jeremy, who’d had his wings forcibly removed and was now human, so he still needed to do the things that angels did for their exercise. Taylor understood that on some level, but he didn’t like the thought of Matt out flying on his own, and then maybe getting apprehended by whoever, or whatever, acted as the police for angel warriors.

Technically, so long as Matt had his wings, then he was on Earth illegally. The only reason why no one had knocked on Dante’s door to take him away for punishment was because they were afraid of Taylor and his powers, which he still wasn’t entirely sure how to control. Another angel, Samael, who wasn’t living on Earth, was bringing him his ambrosia every other day.

That was a story in of itself.

Taylor must’ve made a face, because Matt was quick to promise, “I’ll do a quick circle around the city and then come back. I won’t linger.”

Taylor nodded and forced a smile. Matt would be careful, he was always careful, and he always came back. If anything, his time out of the house would give Taylor the privacy he needed to prepare. He already had a pretty good idea of how he was going to get the man to drink the sugary fruit punch, and he grinned again.

Matt finished his bowl of fruit salad, made from fruits that he’d cut up himself, before standing, rinsing the bowl in the sink, and then moving over to where Taylor still sat with his bacon and eggs, extra bacon, to give him a soft kiss on the mouth.

When he tried to pull away, Taylor grabbed him by the shoulder, his bare, muscular, warm shoulder, and he let their kiss linger. Matt’s mouth curled up through the kiss, but he didn’t fight it, he leaned into Taylor, and that was the best feeling in the whole world.

Taylor’s body was already stirring, his dick half hard and no doubt remembering the things he and Matt had done last night.

He wanted nothing better than to roughly grab the man around the hips. They, unfortunately, were not bare. He was wearing an extra pair of Taylor’s grey joggers, but the elastic waist still hung pretty low, and it would be so easy to pull them down, turn Matt around, and have him again against the table.

Not only would it be fun because they didn’t make a habit of having sex like that out in the open in the house, despite the fact that they usually had it to themselves for the day, but it would feel so damn good. It always did.

Taylor pulled away with a groan and gently pushed Matt back. The other man was smirking at him, the bastard.

“You need to get going and do whatever it is you angels do to keep in shape. I’ll get some work done and maybe we can continue this before noon.”

“In the shower?” Matt asked, and if it was even possible, his dark eyes got even darker with lust.

Sometimes Taylor thought he’d unleashed a demon, of a sort, when he took Matt’s virginity.

The shower was one of their favorite places, because they could get as slippery as they liked without worrying about messing up their bedsheets.

“Wherever you want,” Taylor promised.

Matt kissed him again, practically sliding into Taylor’s lap as he did and rubbing their hips together in a promise of things to come.

God, Taylor was by far the luckiest wolf on the planet.

He gave his angelic lover’s ass a quick squeeze and then shooed him away.

Still smiling, Matt moved to the glass sliding doors, opened them, and then stepped outside to release his wings. No one would see him take off. He had some kind of special cloaking power for that. He jumped into the sky and soared off to give his wing muscles a workout, and Taylor was left with a stupid grin on his face as he finished his breakfast.

It was only after maybe two minutes that he noted Matt’s water bottle, the blue metal one that Taylor had gotten for him, had been left on the table.

Metal, so he wouldn’t be able to see through it to know that what was inside wasn’t water until it was too late.

Taylor grinned. He doubted he was going to get any work done today.

* * * *



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