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[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romance, M/M, HFN]

The Navy frowns heavily on sexual misconduct, so when Lieutenant Commander Kahlil Farid is brought before the Naval court on these charges, he feels sure his career is over. On top of that, he comes into contact with his ex-husband, Captain Eammon O’Donnell, who is sure that revealing the secret of their divorce is the only way to save Kahlil’s career. The lieutenant commander is fervently against that idea.

As Kahlil is reminded of the happiness and the pain that he shared with Eammon and waits for the inevitable end of his career, his tenacious lawyer investigates the mysterious cause of the divorce and formulates a plan to prove Kahlil’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Eammon battles with his conscience and tries to decide whether to tell the truth, like he has wanted to since he lost his husband, or to respect said husband’s wishes and remain in torturous silence. All the while, all either of the Navy men wants is to have what they once had with each other. 

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