How to Handle a Growling Bear by Bellann Summer

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

How to Handle a Growling Bear

By Bellann Summer

Bret James had enough. Cade Miller might be his partner for life, but he had been snarling and crabbing around all morning, like the bear Bret called him. Bret suspected Cade was dealing with some permit issues and had hit a road block with all the different laws and regulations. Soon Bret would go into the office and start asking some questions, and between the two of them, they would get it all straightened out.

Only that was not going to happen at the moment. Right now he was going to stomp around the kitchen banging pots around. At least as much as one could stomp around with crutches.

Bret had another surgery on his injured knee just two weeks ago and was confined to crutches and a walker for the time being. But that wasn’t going to stop him from taking his frustrations out on a bit of metal.

He should have known how the day was going to go, when he went into the kitchen to make breakfast and Cade was swearing at the latest and greatest coffee maker. The man was obsessed with late night infomercials and had insisted on buying this one last week, overnight delivery of course. Coffee was shooting out everywhere except into Cade’s cup.

Things went from mildly irritating to major irritating, when Bret was loading the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher and he heard the slam of a file drawer in the office. He and his crutches traveled to the office to see Cade turning away from the cabinet and snarling. “Baby, where is the Anderson Township file?”

Bret had calmly pulled the file Cade had asked for from off the top of the small pile of files on the corner of Cade’s desk.

“I can’t believe it wasn’t in the cabinet so I could find it,” Cade huffed. “I need to sign a couple of papers in it.”

“Bear, all of the files in the corner pile need signatures.” Bret had stated calmly. He could see the permit forms strewn all over the desk with red check marks all over them and knew how frustrating they could be. So he gave  his bear a little slake.

“Oh, well fine then.”


That was when Bret decided his bear was on his way to getting his butt kicked. But did he blow up? No, with jerky movements he put postage on the letters that needed to be mailed out.

“Pup, get Tony over here. This computer isn’t working right,” Cade was slamming his finger over and over on the enter key. All he got for his trouble was the computer beeping at him.

“Maybe it’s the user that’s the problem,” Bret muttered in a low voice.

“What did you say?” Cade asked.

“Nothing, I’m going to get some water, and then I’ll call him.” Bret had to leave before he poked a wet finger into Cade’s ear.

“Fine,” Cade said, clearly concentrating on something else.


Just as he was leaving the office Cade yelled, “Damn it, what the hell is going on with these pens, none of them work.” Bret heard one pen hit the wall next to Cade’s desk.

 Maybe he would call his best friend Brian and have him pick him up for a little shopping trip. The way Bret figured it, a new couch would be a small price for the bear to pay for totally pissing him off.

Slamming a cake pan onto the granite countertop made a satisfying clang, and Bret was delighted that the corner now had a dent in it.

“Something bothering you, baby?” Cade asked from the doorway of the kitchen.

“Now why would anything be bothering me, Cade Miller? I just love being growled at all morning long,” Bret answered, slamming a sauce pot onto the burner of the stove.“Everything is just fine, Cade.” Taking a wooden spoon out of the drawer he jammed it into the sauce pot. “Tony said he would be here later this afternoon. He mentioned he performed an overall computer check on the system yesterday and thought everything was fine.”

* * * *


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  1. LOL. on the new couch. Great peek at Cade and Bret.

  2. This sounds like me when my husband pisses Me off! Lol