Hysteria – for Men

Questions surrounding female sexual pleasure like “does the g-spot really exist” and “how to give a woman an orgasm” have always been intriguing mysteries. In the 19th century, Female Hysteria was a popular medical focus point, physicians would perform pelvic massage on women to help relieve symptoms like sexual dissatisfaction, insomnia, cramps and emotional mood swings.

Men’s Hysteria was never a problem, there is no medical term or equipment in the 19th century for men’s insomnia or sexual dissatisfaction. We wonder then – are men really that simple, just spank the monkey and it’s all over? Was it a sexist viewpoint that men could handle themselves without the need of “equipment” and women were delicate flowers that needed to be pollinated?

Sometimes I feel for the men out there. Because of the public evolution of women’s sexuality, stores, products and passion parties for women are everywhere. We see “women friendly” all the time with pink vibrators everywhere.

What about guys? Are men really forced to bare knuckle it their whole lives? It’s a real shame that it’s socially acceptable for a women to buy a vibrator but god forbid if a man shops for a pocket pussy.

Time to focus on the guys. Let’s handle male sexual tension in a better way. There is this incredible invention called a masturbation sleeve (pictured here: TheAdultToyShop.com) – a squishy tube that men pad their little members into. Problems with a potential mess? Worry no more my friend, the tube has a closed end to capture your man juice. Simply rinse and wash in the sink.

It’s important for men to take their sexuality seriously, especially in this day where everyone’s girlfriend has a vibrator that easily rivals lovemaking! Not to say a real woman (or man) is never in the cards again, but if you have a sex toy then you don’t need to worry about wooing a mate, it’s literally a bed buddy under your bed.

Get yourself into the current age, women have vibrators stashed everywhere it’s time for men to take their own pleasure into their hands (no pun intended) and get with the program of better masturbation.

olive eyes via photopin cc