Kill ’em With Kisses By Temple Madison

TM_Killemwithkisses_300x450Kill ’em With Kisses

By Temple Madison


Sizzling M/M Action page after page!

Release Date – August 10th!

You can find it on the Sugar & Spice Coming Soon website page.


Roman Von Drake was a man like any other until he got a witch mad at him. For revenge, she slapped him with a curse that turned him into the worst kind of vampire known to man…an incubus. Now he walks in the shadows looking for prey.

All of a sudden an unusual number of vampire killings covers the city. Corpse’s are found in alleyways drained of blood. A plague has been declared, and Jett Ryker has dedicated his life to killing every one he can find. But when he meets Roman Von Drake his breath stalls, his heart pumps, and he wants him. Even though Roman is the most beautiful man Jett has ever seen, he has all the earmarks of a vampire, and Jett tries to stay away.

Roman, with no good on his mind, tempts him unmercifully, but Jett resists. Finally, Roman’s charm wins out, and Jett comes under his spell. By the time Jett realizes he’s been caught in the web of the worst kind of predator know to man, he’s lost, and doesn’t have the will to say no.

So the two begin an affair. What happens? Will Roman suck the very heart and soul out of Jett, or will he get help from an unusual source?

Who is it?

What is it?

Will it come in time to save Jett’s life?