Let’s Talk About Sex Scenes! Part III: Shower Sex

Pillow talk. Bedroom eyes. Spooning sex. It seems much of the language of love has an unspoken assumption that the place for intimacy is inside the bedroom. But everyone loves a little change of scenery once in a while, and any avid ManLove reader will tell you there’s no better place to turn up the heat and get steamy than a shower built for two.


“Shh, love, I’m just getting you soaped up.” – Cowboy Courage, Stormy Glenn

For most, the shower is a place for getting squeaky clean, and some shower scenes start with wholesome enough intentions. In Stormy Glenn’s Cowboy Courage, Brody initially enters the shower with the innocent aim of helping out Neason, a character who is learning to take care of himself after being blinded in a tragic accident. Yet once the two men get into the shower, it’s impossible to deny their attraction to each other, and the scrubbing and soaping quickly turns to intimate touching. Other characters might begin their fun in the bedroom and move to the shower with every thought of cleaning up…only to find themselves wet, willing, and ready for round two.


“My sweet baby. You feel so good. So slippery and wet.” – Stimulust Package, Jayden Knight

One of the chief appeals of shower sex is the sensations available. In books like Jayden Knight’s Stimulust Package, characters indulging in wet and wild fun find themselves enjoying the slippery feel of soapy skin, the slick look of wet hair and glistening skin, the caress of hot steam, and the sensation of warm water. With so many tactile feelings, the descriptive writing in these scenes can make for some memorable ManLove moments.


Between the flush of his sexual need and the steam from the shower, Lars felt like he might melt into the floor at any minute. When Danny dropped to his knees in front of him, all rational thought fled his brain. – Danny in the Dark, Ellen Ginsberg

Although it’s hard to deny the erotic allure of the shower, the lack of wide open space and a place to lie down can present complications that bedroom sex doesn’t. With no room to stretch out, some characters have found the close confines an added source of intimacy, while others have found primal satisfaction in dominant standing positions, like the variation on doggy style described here, or have their partner kneel for oral sex, as described in Ellen Ginsberg’s Danny in the Dark.


The water trickled lower, forming a mini whirlpool around his aching sac and squeezing it gently. – Reckoning, Gabrielle Evans

One fantastical twist on shower scenes has occurred in paranormal books like Gabrielle Evans’s Fatefully Yours series or fantasy books like Jayden Knight’s Dark Horse series. When a character has hydrokinetic powers—the ability to control water with his mind—a simple washing up can become much more interesting. These psychically gifted characters may possess the ability to stroke, caress, envelop, or kiss one’s lover with a jet of water. And in doing so, they just might make shower sex a little bit dirtier.

By Jamie Beckett, Staff Contributor


photo credit: Andy Houghton via photopin cc