Let’s Talk About Sex Scenes! Part IV: Oral Sex

Everyone loves a classic, which is why this week at ManLoveAuthors, we’re going to take a moment to discuss one of the most prevalent sex scenes in ManLove novels: the oral sex scene.

man's mouth with a smirk

The veins pulsed with the increased staccato beat of his heart, and Tristan loved seeing it.Cowboy Challenge, Susan Laine

You can always count on romance writers to provide a wealth of description in their writing, and in these scenes, there is one area that begs to be discussed in detail. Whether it’s long, wide, pierced, circumcised, trimmed around the balls, or possessing superhuman qualities (Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Sold! series has some interesting offerings here), authors have used all kinds of details to help readers visualize their characters’ bodies during this intimate act. And as for the sensory details…


“You are no doubt curious about the ways another man’s body responds to being touched and pleasured.” – Conor’s Mate, Jade Astor

No discussion of oral sex scenes would be complete without a discussion of the tactile elements, particularly taste, which ManLove authors have pegged as anything from salty to tangy to apple-and-cinnamon flavored. In addition to descriptions of the taste and touch of things, oral sex scenes seem to always abound with technical accounts of the act itself. Characters in the past have showed off their expertise and wowed their mates by hollowing out their cheeks, humming around the shaft, adding a hand to the base or the balls, and even inserting a tongue or fingernail into the slit at the head.


Jordan was fairly certain that Cade meant he’d never had a man in his bed. Cade was a virgin.Becoming, Anitra Lynn McLeod

Not all ManLove characters begin the books with a wealth of experience or confidence in their skills. In fact, a favorite ManLove trope is the guy who’s new to gay sex or sex in general. In these books, the first time a guy performs on another guy can be a powerful moment of accepting his own sexuality or a narrative about a nervous lover figuring out how to please his mate for the first time.


Hot damn! He was getting road head.Curtis’s Dads, Lynn Hagen

Not only are oral sex scenes some of the most popular among ManLove, they’re also some of the most versatile. The act has been performed in ManLove books everywhere from inside a car, to inside a pantry, to in the shower, to first thing in the morning (sexiest alarm clock ever?), to outside in the open air. Whether it’s squeezing into a tiny space or finding a smidge of privacy in a wide-open area, the ability to perform oral without removing a ton of clothing or too much maneuvering makes it super adaptable, which means readers are likely to see it continue to pop up in just about any place imaginable. And given the imaginations of most ManLove readers, that could lead to a lot of fun.

By Jamie Beckett, Staff Contributor


photo credit: Melissa Segal via photopin cc