Love Is Love by Olivia Black

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Along my writing journey, my family, friends, and readers have asked similar questions. How can you write so many different types of books? My answer is always the same, love is love. It doesn’t matter if the characters are Male/Female, Male/Female/Male, Female/Female, or Male/Male. The characters will always change, but the end result is the same, they live happily ever after.

I’ve had the opportunity to write romance in almost every genre, from mainstream (unpublished works) to ménage (published under the pen name Alicia White) and now, Siren Publishing has accepted my newest alternative series, Silver Bullet. I feel blessed to have had so many wonderful opportunities and I’m looking forward to many more in the future.

The attraction was immediate although a tad nerve wrecking.

I started writing in the ManLove genre when I fell in love with two secondary characters from one of my books. The men were introduced in a ménage book I wrote called Convincing Emily, and I knew they needed to have their own story. Both of the men, Thomas and Braxton, deserved a happily ever after. That became my priority and led me to write my very first M/M book, His Little Wolf.

Thomas—the more Alpha of the pair—found himself attracted to Braxton. The attraction was immediate although a tad nerve wrecking. He’d never been attracted to the member of the same sex before. Braxton—the younger and more openly gay man—helped Thomas accept who he really was. After that book came out, new ideas started flooding my mind and I knew it was time to take a new writing path. My new series is called, Silver Bullet. The first three books are out with four more set with tentative release dates.

About six months ago, my teenaged daughter asked me a question.

I would like to share a personal story. This is the first time I’ve spoken about this private conversation, but I know that the folks reading this will be kind and accepting.

About six months ago, my teenaged daughter asked me a question. Do you think I’m weird since I really don’t like boys? I was caught off guard and unsure of what she meant. She is a loner, more into animation, video games, and reading than her peers. I never considered that not being into boys was a bad thing. In fact, I’m glad that she is more sheltered and at ease with being alone. It makes my job as a single parent a lot easier.

My response, I think you’re perfect. There isn’t anything wrong with you. It’s true. I’m blessed to be her mom and grateful that she is in my life. She’s an amazing young woman. She smiled at me as if she already knew what I was going to say. I waited patiently knowing there was more. After a moment of silence, she told me that she talked with her two best friends and told them that she might be interested in girls more than boys. Her friends didn’t care. They love her because of the wonderful person she is.

When it comes to writing, my daughter is one of my strongest supporters.

I’m so glad that she feels comfortable enough to talk with me openly. There are so many teenagers out there who are afraid to talk with anyone about their thoughts and feelings. My daughter and I had a heart-to-heart that night. I’m pretty sure she always knew that I would listen and give her positive, encouraging feedback. That’s why she felt comfortable speaking up instead of keeping her feelings hidden. Regardless of my daughter’s sexual orientation, I will love her. She will always be welcome and accepted. Period.

When it comes to writing, my daughter is one of my strongest supporters. She’s been by my side through each book and for my transition from ménage to ManLove. She even came up with the ManLove series name and has also named some of the characters. With each book, I remove the adult content and let her read the stories. I’m sure that’s another reason why she feels comfortable speaking openly to me.

The bottom line is, love comes in different forms and someone’s outside appearance shouldn’t matter. It’s their heart and soul that matters most. My hope and dream is that my daughter finds someone who will love, respect, and cherish her for the person she is on the inside. I want her to be happy. I hope every parent feels the exact same way.


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  1. A K Kinley /

    As a writer who also supports the love is love concept, I think your article was well written. I am also happy to see that you have such a positive relationship with your daughter. So many children do not have the love and support of their parents.

  2. Elizabeth /

    How wonderful that your daughter feels like she can discuss things openly with you. I have that sort of relationship with my girls and I cherish it. My girls grew up exposed to all sorts of relationships and our mantra in my home is Love is Love regardless of anything else. I have enjoyed the Silver Bullet series and am looking forward to the next one coming tomorrow.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment and feedback. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the Silver Bullet series. :)
      My daughter and I are extremely close. I’ve been blessed to have someone that is incredibly sweet, loving, and kind. I want her to feel good about herself in a world where children often don’t. Your daughters are lucky to have a good mom like you.