Lynn Hagen’s Brac Village

Brac Village Preview

We’re erecting Brac Village and doing it shifter-style!

With the launch of the website, fans of Lynn Hagen’s bestselling Brac Pack series will have a whole new way to explore the stories of Maverick Brac and his paranormal community. This living website will be updated to reflect the day-to-day happenings of Brac Village and allow readers to watch over and interact with its residents.

By heading to the various local haunts, fans of the series will not only get to explore the Den and the Lakeland Ranch firsthand, but also discover parts of the town they never knew existed, like the post office, the fire station, and Brac Elementary, where Carter is soon to become a teacher. A review of the Town Gazette will tell visitors all the latest gossip about what Cecil and the mates are up to, and scouring the police blotting will provide a heads-up on any unsolved mysteries or suspicious behavior.

Just like Brac Village, the site is still under construction, so you will want to check back for new developments and keep an eye for Lynn’s upcoming releases that will tie-in with the website. As the stories develop, the shops open, and new faces and places are sure to appear on the website with each new book.

Come visit the Brac Village website, now open!



  1. VoraciousReader /

    This is an amazing idea! I can’t wait to visit this town over and over again.

  2. jacqueline /

    I’m sooo looking forward to this! It is such a great idea :)

  3. Psyche /

    It looks great. Looking forward to watching it grow.

  4. Lee (Alisa) /

    LOVE it so much!!! It will be so awesome to see it grow!! The babies page is just darling!!!! =)

  5. Kim Bytheway /

    I would love to see this but when I tried to get to the site I was told it could not be found. Is it available in Australia