ManLove Audiobook Giveaway

Siren-BookStrand has recently released our first audiobook. We’re so excited to get hot erotic romance titles to you in an exciting new way. Our first release is Mating Thomas by Lynn Hagen, narrated by Jordan Taylor.

In honor of National Audiobook Month, we’re hosting a Twitter giveaway! All you have to do is click on the tweet below and then retweet it to all your followers.



Thomas has worked at the rec center in Brac Village for as long as he can remember. He loves his job and helping out the community. But Thomas soon finds out that the town he has lived in all of his life isn’t what it seems. Federal Marshal Tyler Alpine has wrapped up the case he was working on in Brac Village and is ready to head out when he spots a gorgeous man in need of help. When Tyler decides he can’t pass up a good-looking man with car trouble, he soon finds out that the stunning man is his mate. Thomas invites Tyler in for a hot cup of coffee and soon finds himself in the arms of one very attractive wolf shifter. But when trouble lands on Thomas’s doorstep, he must rely on Tyler’s quick wit and skills to save him from a date gone horribly wrong.


  1. Very cool, I know this is late but congrats Lynn