New to You! Second Edition

Hello, MLA Visitors!


I would like to welcome you to your biweekly look at what’s new on and what you can expect to see.

Our newest interviews are with Taylor Brooks and JC Holly. We sent some tough questions Taylor’s way, and JC dishes on how important humor is in writing. Shannon West and Diana Sheridan decided to stop by and let us know what they’re up to in the next set of interviews!

There’s a new Free Read from author Marcy Jacks. This one has some heart-pounding action in it with a little bit o’ lovin’, naturally.


Don’t think it’s easy to communicate when using a ball gag during those sexy times? Jackie will make you feel at ease when she tells you there are many ways to enjoy this toy while getting your point across. If you didn’t get a chance to read about shower sex scenes, please go do that now! This is sure to give authors and readers inspiration for more than just their writing and reading pleasure.

Paranormal seems to be the greatest love when it comes to ManLove romance. Even though the newest Reader Poll asks for what readers would like to see more of, one person voted for more Paranormal still. It looks like the overall consensus is people want a little bit of everything! The next poll is going to focus on the heroes themselves. Yum.

Joy Lynn Fielding gives us a great history lesson on Venice in the Fifteenth to Eighteenth Centuries. Do you know what the Ponte della Tette is and why it was important? I suggest you read and learn more! Jess Buffett asks, “Why is women’s interest in ManLove so shocking?” What you read might surprise you. Jessica Frost discusses what the definition of sexy is. She may or may not have mentioned Brad Pitt. No argument there!

Our Out and About section has grown to include information that’s Out and Abroad. It might be shocking to learn what’s happening in Uganda regarding gay rights, but it’s a good feeling to know there are activists there trying to change the way the homosexual community is viewed and treated.


Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and given their feedback. It is truly appreciated!

See you in the next edition!