New to You! First Edition

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I would like to welcome you to your biweekly look at what’s new on and what you can expect to see.

Our newest interviews are with Nicole Dennis and Holly Meadowes. Find out what Nicole’s favorite genre to write is and what Holly feels contributes to a compelling hero. There are so many authors to get to know. We can’t wait to share Joy Lynn Fielding’s and Jessica Frost’s interviews next!

Free Reads from some of your favorite authors? Yes, please! Marcy Jacks has written a fun installment about Taylor and Matt. Hint…Taylor decides to, well, I’ll just let you read and find out for yourselves.

We have a successful Sex Toys Series post about the paddle. People are already discussing it and loving this BDSM-related toy. Be sure you check it out, and don’t let the paddle hit you on the way there! Or do. I’ll leave that up to you.

The newest reader poll offers great insight into what readers are looking for in their shifters. So far, the consensus is variety overall, but one reader is specifically requesting more dragons! Another reader has admitted he doesn’t even like shifters. For those who feel the same, I can let you know personally there will be a reader poll coming up you’ll enjoy weighing in on…No shifters need apply.

Cinzia Maro wrote a very honest featured article about the restrictions she faced attempting to publish gay erotic romance in Italy. Her story is heartfelt, and many can relate to her passion and support of the gay community.

There are several sneak peeks that give an inside look into upcoming releases by Gale StanleyTaylor Brooks, Lynn Hagen, and Joy Lynn Fielding. You can expect sneak peeks for Joyee Flynn, JC Holly, and Anitra Lynn McLeod soon!

In our Out and About section there is a new article telling the story of Lawrence v. Texas. It seems what began as a jealous revenge plot became the gateway for anti-sodomy laws being overturned in the U.S. Success!

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