Sneak Peek: Owen’s Promise by Marcy Jacks

Owen's Promise Book Cover

In the fourth book in The Vampire District series, Owen’s Promise, Marcy Jacks returns readers to a world full of strife between vampires, werewolves, mages, humans, and the mysterious fae. These are turbulent times in the vampire district, with werewolf and human rebellions, power struggles between vampire families, and the machinations of the mages.

Frederik Fenrir, the youngest son of a noble vampire family, has been carrying on a secret affair with his human slave Owen. In the turmoil following an attempt on Frederik’s life, Owen discovers that he is part fae and, more shockingly, pregnant with Frederik’s child, something he didn’t know was even possible. Owen doesn’t get a chance to tell his lover the startling news as Frederik’s brother Daren sells him to a mage with sinister intentions and covers it up by telling Frederik that he died. In the midst of a human uprising, Frederik and Owen must fight to find their way back to each other in a world where a love like theirs is forbidden.

The setting in Owen’s Promise is intriguing in its own right, a complex landscape of paranormal politics that is part modern and part medieval. However, this is merely a backdrop for the real heart of the story, the sweet romance between Frederik and Owen, whose love is deep and abiding even in the face of such adversity.

Review by Staff Contributor