Sneak Peek Series: Redemption by Marcy Jacks

The Half-Breed Demon Book Cover

The cosmic clash between good and evil comes alive in Marcy Jacks’s new series, Redemption. In one corner is the Heavenly host, led by a faction of determined angelic warriors who have defied the Heavenly council out of loyalty to their commander, John. In the other corner is the vast army of Hell, whose demonic leader, Annabel, is a cheeky firecracker with a vicious streak. In between these two factions stand three deeply troubled mortals who unwittingly possess the capability to win the war for either side.

At only 29, Dante Moore is the owner of a successful ad agency, but his life is far from perfect. He is relentlessly plagued by hallucinations of tiny demons attacking him, although he could swear the creatures are real.

Taylor Slade, a wolf shifter, sees them, too. He lives in seclusion to ensure that he can’t harm anyone when he’s under their influence. It’s lonely out in the woods, though, and it isn’t long before the demons begin to urge his wolf farther and farther from home.

Derek Morgan lives in a different kind of isolation. Fearing a violent outburst from their troubled vampire child, his family locked him away at a young age in their guest house. Derek stopped seeing the demons after years of solitary confinement, but it only takes one curious trespasser to set off Derek’s violent instincts again.

Lucifer recognizes these men as valuable assets and dispatches Annabel to recruit them to his cause. At the same time, John sees their potential for good and deploys his best warriors to defend them from demonic influence. What follows is a battle for the souls—and hearts—of three men who possess the untapped capacity to become legendary warriors.

Each book in the series focuses on the romantic relationship between one of these unique mortals and his appointed angelic guardian as they work together to fight off the demons. The heroes in this series often begin in places of despair and psychological torment, but their guardians are willing to travel to the deepest corners of Hell to rescue their lovers and find happiness for both of them. The journey is full of twists, temptations, and revelations, all of which are infused with the author’s lighthearted sense of humor and playful storytelling style.

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  1. jacqueline /

    This sounds like another great series from Marcy Jacks and I can’t wait to start reading it!