Sneak Peek Series: Seven Brothers for McBride by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Bailey Morgan Book Cover

In the Seven Brothers for McBride series, Anitra Lynn McLeod creates a futuristic world in which men must be genetically modified to survive in the aftermath of an apocalyptic virus, and love is a luxury most of them can’t afford. As a touching, uplifting contrast to this dark society, the stories of the Morgan brothers are lighthearted and sweet as the men stumble through learning the art of love under the tutelage of their boss, Dillon McBride. The series revolves around these men who are ready to invest in the effort and compromise it takes to make a relationship work, which lends a realistic dimension to the stories while delivering romance with a heat that sizzles. The series really shines, however, in how McLeod unflinchingly addresses the important and difficult issue of relationships governed by strict—and, moreover, obsolete—social structures. Although their own relationship is prohibited by the rapidly crumbling law in Woven Spire County, the simmering, illicit passion between McBride and Caleb, the eldest of the Morgans, is what truly makes the books exceptional. Over the course of McBride’s search for the other Morgans’ mates, he is forced to fight his growing obsession with Caleb, whose volatile intensity matches and challenges McBride’s as their relationship evolves. As their instincts war with their deeply held convictions and both men struggle to deny each other, readers will find their storyline as dynamic and explosive as it is unforgettable.

Review by Staff Contributor