Sex Toys Series Part IV: Flogger

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Lover’s Obsession [Bloodkin 2] by Scarlet Hyacinth

Accepting a Mate [Dark Times 5] by Christine Shaw

High Heat by Tatum Throne

Our favorite ManLove heroes endure a lot to get their happily ever afters. After all, their happiness wouldn’t be as sweet if they hadn’t experienced the pain that came before.  But for some men, a little bite of pain isn’t something to endure, it’s something to enjoy, and one of the most popular toys in kinky ManLove is the flogger. Now, thanks to a certain bestselling trilogy, more and more people are open to exploring a side of them they didn’t know existed.

Obviously, flogging originated as a punishment. In fact, it was the most common form of punishment used at sea, whether it was a merchant vessel or a US Navy ship. After the general public was made aware of the practice, flogging was outlawed in 1850. (I could see one of these guys breaking that law, though.) However, kink has existed for quite a while. Not everyone viewed the practice as punishment, and there are numerous accounts of flagellation for pleasure throughout history. The Kama Sutra even has a chapter devoted to “various modes of striking.” For those interested in a brief chronicle of BDSM history, Wikipedia’s article is informative, and Peter Tupper at The History of BDSM has some great articles, including critiques of the previously mentioned trilogy.

These days, there are a number of artisans who create and sell beautiful floggers, and a few links are provided below. Different materials provide different sensations, and based on individual desires, there are low-intensity as well as high-intensity floggers. One of the more unique designs I stumbled across is this Rose flogger. Can you imagine giving that beautiful bouquet to your special someone? And this one made of ties is perfect for that sexy businessman in your life.

Before you go out and buy a flogger, though, it’s important to do your own research, and it’s even more important to communicate with your partner. Make sure everyone is on the same page. What do you want out of the experience? What are your limits? This is the time to think of a safe word. Check out the links for safety tips, BDSM info, and where to buy the flogger that’s best for you. Explore and enjoy! :-)

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By Jackie de la Garza, Staff Contributor