Sex Toys Series Part V: Blindfold

As Seen In…Purple Blindfold

Danny in the Dark [Dreamcatcher 1] by Ellen Ginsberg

Collars and Catwalks [TomCats 4] by Gale Stanley

Usually when people talk about male sexuality, there is a heavy emphasis on the fact that men are more “visual” than women, and science seems to support this long-held belief. Just check out this study from 2004. However, that doesn’t mean that men can’t gain as much pleasure from a little sensory deprivation as women can.

When one sense is taken away, the others are heightened, and you or your partner can play on these senses once the blindfold is securely in place. Things don’t even have to get kinky! When you’re made more aware of your other senses, the simplest touch—a finger down the chest, a trail of kisses up the thigh—can feel more amazing than you’d ever thought possible.

Another benefit of blindfolding is that it’s one of the easiest ways to experiment in the bedroom. No discreet online shopping required! If it’s your first time, a simple sleep mask will suffice. However, for those who desire something more sensual or a little less vanilla, there are plenty of options. The Lelo Intima Silk blindfold is absolutely beautiful, and this Fetish Leather Love Mask would look great paired with some bondage cuffs.

There are a number of supplies you can have on hand, but starting slow is probably the best bet, and your partner will surely love the anticipation. Fresh strawberries, body paint, feathers, leather, a tongue…well, you get the idea. For more tips, check out the links below!

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By Jackie de la Garza, Staff Contributor


  1. E.A. Reynolds /

    I like this article. Blindfolding seems like a sensual experience within itself.

    • jackie.delagarza /

      Thanks, E.A.! I definitely agree. :)