Sex Toys Series Part VI: Paddle

As Seen In…

Lest We Forget [Fatefully Yours Christmas] by Gabrielle Evans

Cowboys and Pearls [Loving in Silver 5] by Lynn Stark

It’s been a few weeks since the topic of BDSM was broached in Part IV with the flogger, so it seems like the perfect time to revisit the nonvanilla side of things. There are several different implements that can be used in impact play, and each one can provide a different sensation. This site does a great job identifying and explaining those sensations.

Just like floggers, paddles were originally used for punishment. In some areas, paddling remains an acceptable means of corporal punishment. Of course, those into kink know that being bad can sometimes be very good. If you or your partner already enjoy spanking and want to take that to the next level, you may find that a paddle would suit your needs. After all, the spanker has to give his hand a break sometime!

Paddles are typically used on the bottom—in all senses of the word—and in most cases, they can cover a larger area to deliver even more of a sting. It’s important to note that there are several areas of the body that should never be struck, and as with all kinkier activities, communication is vital. Check our flogger article for some great links on safe words and communication.

Paddles are constructed from various materials, and each type will produce a different kind of feeling. Leather paddles can be more flexible, depending on how they’re made, which will provide a sharp sting. A wood paddle will not “give” as much as leather, which is something to consider when deciding what kind of paddle you’d like to try. There are fur-lined paddles, impression paddles, studded paddles, do-it-yourself paddles, and even paddles for geeks, which are amazing. With so many options to choose from, there’s no excuse to avoid exploring your desires. Remember to do your research! Check out the links below for extra information.

Readers: Which books piqued your interest in paddles? Is spanking something you look for in ManLove?

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By Jackie de la Garza, Staff Contributor


  1. yganoe /

    Spanking is something I definitely look for in man love…it can be extremely erotic. I have to say Lest We Forget is one of my favorite books and thoroughly enjoyed every BDSM related scene in it.

  2. jackie.delagarza /

    Oh, there’s definitely a lot to enjoy in Lest We Forget :) Glad you loved it. Thanks for your comment, Yvette!