Sheriff’s Dawn by Susan Laine

*Please note this content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*

Sheriff’s Dawn

By Susan Laine

Author’s note: This scene takes place about half a year before the events of Stars & Stripes: A Bedtime Story. Read it to find out if Lincoln will be lucky in love.


“You leaving, Tommy?” Lincoln Redding asked quietly, entreating gently. “Don’t go yet. Come back to bed.” The hour was early still, the horizon dark with nighttime.

The rough stock cowboy he addressed grabbed a linen shirt from the back of a chair and started to put it on. He sighed loudly and rolled his eyes. “You’re being a sentimental old coot, Linc. You know I gotta go.”

Lincoln stared at the bare broad back with old scars, like white slashes he had come to know, and he hid his melancholy. “Yeah, I know.” And he did, too. Tommy was a cowboy, about to leave for a months-long cattle run over the winter, and he didn’t have time for pathetic older men like Lincoln longing after him. But he couldn’t quite rein in his desire for the young buck who shared his taste for men, not ready to admit defeat. “It’s not too late yet. I could still suck you off. What do you say?”

Tommy let out a bark of laughter, but at least he stopped getting dressed and turned to face Lincoln as he lay on his narrow cot, naked under the coarse blanket, in his small quarters above the sheriff’s station in the town of Snow Lake. They had only a semblance of privacy, but it had to do as they had no choice in venue for illicit trysts.

Tommy was twenty-three, with strong stubble, shaggy black hair, piercing blue eyes, and the lean, ripped body of a cowboy. Lincoln wondered briefly if he desired the man who Tommy was inside, or was Tommy just a handsome face and nothing more? For Tommy sure as heck didn’t love Lincoln—and Lincoln was pretty sure he didn’t have a single amorous feeling for the obnoxious, roughhousing cowboy either. In fact, he was well aware Tommy was no good at all. He lied. A lot. Even in bed, using romantic words and phrases that did not come from his heart.

But since the year of the Lord was 1882 and since they lived in a remote small frontier town in Wyoming, finding a man to warm up his bed and accompany his lonely life was a struggle. Meeting Tommy had been a godsend—or so Lincoln had thought at first. The cowboy was great in bed, vigorous and adventurous, but also insincere and false.

In short, Lincoln longed to love. And Tommy was simply the wrong man, unreliable and incapable of loving.

Grinning lewdly, Tommy sauntered over to the bed. “You ready for another round in the sack, eh, stud?”

Suppressing a sigh of longing for more than a lecherous encounter, Lincoln nodded, and lifted the blanket in a blatant invitation. “Sure.” Before Lincoln had bedded Tommy in the spring, he hadn’t had a lover for nearly two years. Had Lincoln done the cattle runs, he might have had better luck, since in the wilderness men weren’t too particular about whose mouth was on their cock. But alas…

Tommy leaned one knee on the bed, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his half-hard dick. “Go on then, Linc. Let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours.” His hand scratched at Lincoln’s beard. The gesture might have seemed like an affectionate caress but the quickly hardening grip on Lincoln’s jaw showed him the truth was not all that tender.

Shoving aside the growing awareness that he didn’t love Tommy and therefore probably shouldn’t have bedded the man, Lincoln parted his lips and took Tommy’s average-sized dick on his tongue. Lincoln didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy the feel of man’s cock in his mouth or really take his time worshipping this piece of a man’s anatomy. Always chasing the release and never savoring the experience itself, Tommy immediately started to thrust hard and fast, holding Lincoln’s jaw and hair in a tight, unrelenting grasp.

Looking up, Lincoln saw the cowboy’s eyes had closed, his head thrown back. Tommy didn’t care whose mouth was wrapped around his penis, only that someone’s was.

Lincoln closed his own eyes, hiding his disappointment. The feeling emerged from a part of him he hadn’t expected. He wasn’t ashamed of being a homosexual, since he had been born that way, and at least he wasn’t living a lie under the eyes of God. No, his embarrassment rose from a place that whispered to him he deserved better than Tommy, who wasn’t loving him the way Lincoln wished.

Not that Tommy would have cared about Lincoln’s shame, he most likely would have laughed at Lincoln’s melancholy. Tommy was a rough and tumble sort of man, not prone to ennui. Knowing what kind of man he was with, Lincoln was glad he hadn’t given the man his ass. Never that, not for one who wouldn’t treasure the gift.

Less than fresh sweat and pungent male musk assaulted Lincoln’s nose when Tommy pushed in deep, burying Lincoln’s nose in his black pubes. Gagging, Lincoln dug his fingers in the cowboy’s hips, trying to get him to back off a little. Lincoln didn’t mind harsh sex, but he didn’t appreciate being used as a fucking hole and nothing more.

“Take it, boy,” Tommy grunted. “Take my cock. C’mon, man. I know you can do it.”

Granted, the guy was young enough to lose his head in sex. But there had to be some kind of mutual consent about things, for fuck’s sake, Lincoln thought. He sputtered, feeling trapped.

Finally, Tommy backed off, looking smug even though he hadn’t come yet. “You took that like a champ, Linc.”

With his battered throat, Lincoln growled. “You little shit.” Clearly the cowboy had no manners. But damn, how insensitive could he be? After all, they were supposed to be lovers, not strangers engaging in casual sex. A crude remark was definitely warranted.

Tommy rolled his eyes. “I’m pretty big, actually.” He gripped the base of his hard dick and waved it in front of Lincoln’s face. “Besides, without me, old man, what have you got? You’re over the hill, Linc. If you lose me, you got nothin’.”

The mood was definitely gone. Lincoln straightened up, swiped the back of his hand across his mouth, got out of bed, and headed toward the door buck naked. He felt sad at a loss he knew was about to happen, and also angry about losing his dream of having a partner to share his life with. “I have nothing with you, Tommy. Get out of here, and don’t come back.” He unlocked the door and yanked it open fiercely, stepping aside to let the cowboy pass. He was done with this cowboy who didn’t respect him.

Tommy blinked hard, his jaw hanging open in surprise. “B–But what am I supposed to do with this?” He tugged at his deflating dick that had been left unsatisfied.

Feeling gutted, Lincoln scoffed softly. “Shove it in your pants or down a rabbit hole for all I care.”

Tommy looked mortally wounded. “Y–You can’t be serious…” His lower lip actually trembled a bit, and Lincoln remembered why he had cared for the man in the first place.

But…past tense was more than apropos.

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  1. Nice little story. Nice writing voice.