Debut: Siren Epic Romance

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Siren launches our newest imprint, the Siren Epic Romance, with a magnificent new series, Rise of the Changelings.

From the fabulous imagination of bestselling author, Lynn Hagen, we invite our readers into the hearts and lives of Enrique Marcelo and Dorian Campbell, two heroes who defy all odds in the war between the changelings and the humans.

Rick wants nothing more than to lead his werewolf pack. Dorian just wants to keep to himself and live a quiet life. Neither of them wants or expects a mate, but when they find each other, they gain the courage and strength to become not only lovers, but epic heroes.

Three years after the discovery of changelings, humans who can shape-shift into different breeds of animals, the human fear of these creatures has risen to a boiling point. A group of government mercenaries called the Death Squad is created to exterminate all nonhumans, with Rick as their number one target. On the run and fighting for their lives, Rick and his pack enlist the help of shape-shifting leopards, rats, coyotes, bears, and jaguars, as well as human sympathizers. Together, this small but fierce group may be the changelings’ only hope for survival. Encouraged by their love for one another, Rick and Dorian are determined to find a way for their two species to coexist…even if they have to fight for that freedom. There are three more parts to this saga featuring the previous generation, the next generation, and a surprise for all.

We had a chance to talk with Lynn in an interview. You can check out the specifics of how and why Lynn wrote Part 1 of this Epic tale.

Watch for additional Epic series coming from your favorite Siren authors. The leads are MM in some, MFM in others. We will provide submission guidelines soon.






  1. I’m super excited about this imprint! I love me some long stories!

  2. Alex Carreras - Author /

    Very exciting!

  3. Susanne /

    I have started this series and once again I can’t put it down. I have fallen in love with the Brac Pack, Christian’s Coven, & the demon warriors. I can’t wait to see how this ends.