Sneak Peek: A Brio Grinder by Joyee Flynn

A Brio Grinder Book CoverThe sassy Irish vampires are back in A Brio Grinder, the latest installment in Joyee Flynn’s The O’Hagan Way series!

Twins Finn and Fergus O’Hagan are finishing up an average day on the family farm in Ireland, only to come upon something far from average—a demon attack. The world as they know it disappears in an instant as they jump to action to defend their family from the vile creatures. To save the life of his mother, Fergus makes a life-changing sacrifice—one the noble vampire would make again and again if given another chance. His strength of character truly shines in this intense moment.

Just as all seems lost, a portal opens, bringing rescue in the form of Brio, a giant, gorgeous fae—who turns out to be Fergus and Finn’s mate. But Fergus, after suffering a major injury in the demon attack, feels less than whole and therefore inadequate for their newfound mate. His deep sadness and hopelessness are heartbreaking.

After moving to America, the twins and Brio struggle to comfort each other and to come to terms with their rapidly changing lives. As Brio’s profound love for the twins grows, Fergus only settles deeper in his despair. Nothing seems right until the valiant Brio offers to make another sacrifice in order to prove his love for Fergus and Finn. Can they accept his offer—and his love?

A Brio Grinder tells the tale of three strong and beautiful men willing to do anything for those they love. Brio, Finn, and Fergus’s journey toward finding peace and acceptance in one another will grab the hearts of readers. This action- and emotion-packed book doesn’t fail to deliver Ms. Flynn’s unique blend of danger, humor, and, of course, passion.

Review by Staff Contributor

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  1. I used to love this author but she never writes in anything but first person anymore. I can’t stand it.