Sneak Peek: A Hero of His Own by Susan Laine

A Hero of His Own Book Cover

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, January 30th

Patrick Prescott leads a troubled, aimless existence. His father is the prominent town mayor and regards his son as an embarrassment. All are baffled by Patrick’s inability to be anything other than a screwup. Only he knows the root of his unhappiness. He’s a gay man struggling to lead a straight lifestyle. Enter Dan West, a submarine captain on leave from the Navy who comes upon a car wreck and rescues Patrick, in more ways than one.

In A Hero of His Own, author Susan Laine again uses the idyllic setting of a small fishing town in Maine to provide the perfect backdrop for her romantic tale. In the characters of Patrick and Dan, she’s created two people who couldn’t be more different yet more right for each other. It’s clear that Laine cares for and understands her characters deeply as she details the development of Patrick’s first honest relationship with a man. His mix of acceptance and fear, pleasure and pain are captured spot on, especially in the descriptive and racy love scenes.

This is a story with a positive message at the center of it. It shows how repressed sexual identity can take a toll on a person’s well-being, affecting all parts of his life and self-esteem. In the process of coming out, Patrick will discover ways of finding himself and true love.

Review by Staff Contributor