Sneak Peek: Adversary and Endeavour by Holly Meadowes

Adversary and Endeavour Book Cover

Navy officer Eammon O’Donnell is heartbroken when his husband, Lieutenant Commander Kahlil Farid, divorces him after two years together. He still hasn’t gotten over what happened and why the marriage crumbled, but despite still being in love and wanting nothing more than to be reunited, he knows it’s hopeless. After all, Kahlil has made his choice.

Fast-forward three years. When Captain Jamieson comes to Eammon telling him that Kahlil is being brought up on charges of sexual misconduct, for trying to seduce an admiral in order to climb rank in status, Eammon is shocked and furious at the claim. To make matters worse, the captain demands that Eammon be a prosecution witness on the grounds that Kahlil’s sudden divorce makes him an unreliable man. There’s no easy way out for Eammon, and Kahlil is in a serious bind—after all, the naval jury is bound to side with the admiral over Kahlil, a lower-rank officer. There’s got to be some way that Eammon can help—is this terrible stroke of luck a disguised chance for their reconciliation?

When Kahlil’s clever attorney walks into the picture and digs up some secrets from the past, it seems there just may be a fighting chance. The only problem is, revealing the secret that could help Kahlil might ruin Eammon’s future completely. Is Eammon willing to risk his name for another chance at winning back his lover’s heart? Will it even be enough to save Kahlil from a ruined career and reputation?

Holly Meadowes’s Adversary and Endeavour is a smartly written tale, rife with deceit, thrilling courtroom drama, and the overwhelming hope that true love will stand the test of time, no matter what tries to stop it.

Review by Staff Contributor