Sneak Peek: Alpha Second by Violet Joicey-Cowen


When Perry’s mate, Charlie, suddenly reappears with some serious injuries and nightmarish traumatic memories after having disappeared without a trace, Perry is ready to do anything he can to help him heal. And to bring him back into his arms. Perry soon realizes this will be no easy feat when Charlie appears to want nothing more from him but distance…or is it the other way around?

As neither Charlie nor Perry is willing to let their relationship collapse, readers are quickly thrown into the middle of these two passionate men as they struggle to understand one another and rediscover the connection that brought them together in the beginning.

Balancing the love and sex lives of gay shape-shifters already sounds like quite a challenge. However, this is no challenge for Violet Joicey-Cowen, author of the upcoming Alpha Second, the first book of the new Whithowe Forest Pack series. While they wrestle with their inner wolf, readers wrestle right along with them.

Enlisting the help of the mysterious organization AlphaSec, readers follow Charlie, Perry, their close friend, Jason, and a full cast of other sexy queer shape-shifters, as they prepare to rescue those still enduring the same shocking treatment Charlie was only barely able to escape. This scorching new erotic romance is anything but simple as readers face exactly what each of these memorable characters face—good, evil, and the necessary learning of how to tell the difference  between such powerful and ubiquitous forces.

Review by Staff Contributor