Sneak Peek: Available by Jana Downs

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Bradley has had his eyes and heart set on Ryan ever since the wolf-shifter saved his life. But Ryan’s haunted by mistakes he’s made as a young Dom, and he fears that Bradley is too innocent to want the kind of lifestyle Ryan lives. In an effort to catch Ryan’s attention, Bradley gets a tattoo marking him as an “available,” believing Ryan won’t be able to resist him with his new ink, but instead he finds himself thrown into the intense BDSM-centered lifestyle of Ryan’s pack. Ryan can’t stand the thought of Bradley at the mercy of another Dom, so he agrees to train Bradley himself, thinking he’ll be able to let the man go after his training is complete. The arrangement opens the door to love, but Ryan’s dark past and Bradley’s heritage coming to light may ruin any chance of a happily ever after.

The book’s fast pace, the quick-witted dialogue, and the genuine humor between the heroes instantly draws in and engages the reader. The detail and emotional depth of the characters create a solid foundation for their romance and inner conflicts. Ryan’s struggle to maintain distance from Bradley while fighting his instincts to have the sub as his own makes him an intriguingly flawed and sympathetic alpha hero. Bradley’s sass and stubbornness evenly match him against Ryan’s conflicted reluctance, and the tension quickly sparks into beautifully sensual passion. But as Bradley and Ryan grapple with the dynamics of their budding romance, the hints of sinister forces plotting against the pack and causing trouble keep the heroes and the readers on their toes until it explodes in a climactic showdown.


Review by Staff Contributor