Sneak Peek: Beau Bitten by Jana Downs

Beau Bitten by Jana Downs

In the vibrant and bustling city of New Orleans, Ter has barely managed to make his way in the world, despite his family abandoning him for being gay. It doesn’t help that he was cursed with dragon-shifting abilities, and now his dragon wants its mate, even if Ter isn’t ready to give up his heart to anyone ever again, lest it be broken beyond repair. But Nicolae, vampire prince of the Garden District coven and Ter’s mate, doesn’t have the time to wait for Ter to get used to the idea of them being destined for each other. As much as he would like to leisurely woo the shifter and let him fall in love in his own time, Nicolae is quickly approaching his three-hundredth birthday, and the venom that would normally be released when he claimed his mate is building up to the point where it’s poisoning Nicolae’s mind and making him lose control of his predator side. Without Ter, Nicolae will descend into madness and have to be put down.

Although Ter is willing be what Nicolae needs so the vampire can stay in control of himself, Ter’s determined not to put love on the table, and Nicolae may have to resort to something drastic to prove to his mate they belong together. With a seamless blend of emotion, humor, and sensuality, the heroes try to figure out just what they mean to each other.

Sparks fly when persistence meets passion as the heroes explore their tentative relationship. While things may get rough along the way, with challenges neither hero could have anticipated, the heroes have a strong connection that can’t be denied. Nicolae’s patient and steadfast character may be just what Ter needs most, though the dragon-shifter’s stubbornness may test the boundaries of even Nicolae’s endurance.

Review by Staff Contributor