Sneak Peek: Bed and Breakfast by Scarlet Hyacinth

Bed and Breakfast Book Cover

Bed and Breakfast, the first book in the Bloodkin series, is the story of an unlikely romance rooted in the simmering, forbidden passion between an impoverished young human and his brooding bloodkin master who will do anything to protect his charge from the biggest threat of all—himself.

The bloodkin are a mysterious race of predators feared for their raw, primal blood thirst. With bloodkin impulses running unchecked and human fatalities on the rise, the races find themselves at odds, and the bloodkin fall to games of seduction and manipulation to overwhelm and destroy countless human lives. After Moss Hayden’s family falls into ruin at bloodkin hands, he is sent to live with his uncle across the Great Waters, but when a chance encounter leaves him broke, he is left to scrape his living out of labor work until he meets the dashing Kin Lord Vane Bloodmoor.

Vane is a particularly conscientious bloodkin who prides himself on his self-control, and he spends his days working to curb the deadly impulses of his fellow kin. To keep his own urges in check, Vane issues a want ad for a “bed and breakfast” companion—a sex and blood donor—and young Moss fits the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, Moss’s experience with bloodkin has left a sour taste in his mouth, and Vane has his work cut out for him convincing Moss to stay. Over time, Vane is alarmed to find his interest in the human deepening into an unfamiliar something more, and the only thing he wants more than to satisfy his dark lust is to protect Moss from his gruesome bloodkin nature. With a massive political crisis threatening to unravel the fabric of society and separate them forever, Vane and Moss must find a way to stem the chaos and save their delicate bond in the face of impossible odds.

Bed and Breakfast is a dark new take on the classic vampire story with an insightful look into the struggles of a couple torn apart in a world rocked by change. As the heroes face civil unrest and crippling self-discovery together, the depth and strength of their love offers an uplifting glimpse of hope in a love that prevails.

Review by Staff Contributor