Sneak Peek: Blood, Flesh, and Spirit by Scarlet Hyacinth

Blood, Flesh, and Spirit Book Cover

Blood, Flesh, and Spirit is the third installment in Scarlet Hyacinth’s Bloodkin series. In this fascinating fantasy yarn, Hyacinth thrusts the reader, and her characters, deep into the domain of the bloodkin.

Light elf Eli Starburst, son of the lord of the light elves Sorr Starburst, has been exiled from his homeland of Manturanael. Brought to the bloodkin city-state of Tachaka on a mission to rescue his dark-elf friend Kier Darksun, Eli joins with Dante Bloodclaw, a bloodkin prince and son of Imperator Aran Bloodclaw. Dante is concerned that his father intends to break the Covenant, a law that prevents bloodkin from killing humans and that maintains a fragile harmony between species, and believes that combining efforts with Eli might prove mutually beneficial for the two of them.

Eli and Dante don’t foresee those benefits involving the intense mutual attraction that instantly takes hold when the two meet for the first time, but their bond grows so strong so quickly that when a botched assassination attempt on Imperator Bloodclaw leaves Dante dead with a knife in his chest, Dante’s spirit remains tied to Eli in the realm of the living. Now Eli must find a way to bring his newfound soul mate back to life while simultaneously defending the faltering Covenant and staving off another attempted coup on the Imperator’s rule.

Scarlet Hyacinth’s bountiful imagination is on full display as she further expands on the world she has built with the first two Bloodkin novels. Readers will be immersed in her fantasy world by an enthralling plot that never ceases to entertain, and will get wrapped up in a sizzling romance between two dauntless men, who prove that true love can conquer all obstacles, even death.

Review by Staff Contributor