Sneak Peek: Changing Gear by Joy Lynn Fielding

Changing Gear Book Cover

When incredibly handsome Hugh Taylor shows up at Scott Davison’s Auto Repair shop looking for a job as a mechanic, starry-eyed Scott hires him on the spot, thankful that his new employee actually turns out to be good at his job. It doesn’t take long before the two begin a passionate yet hushed affair, and everything seems perfect…until a gorgeous mystery man shows up at the shop one day, asking Scott on a date.

Cameron Phillips is back in town for a few days while working as a location scout for a high-profile film studio in LA. He’s had a long history with Scott, and even though they never officially dated, they maintained a sexual relationship each time Cameron was back in town. When Scott reveals that Hugh is more than just his work partner, Cameron doesn’t back off. He feels a great attraction to Hugh, as well, and proposes the idea of a ménage. The three share a night of sexual escapades that quickly grows into something much stronger, yet despite Hugh’s ever-increasing feelings for the men, he feels threatened by their past. Was he just a temporary replacement for Cameron? Will Scott decide he’d rather go back to a one-on-one relationship again—this time, without Hugh?

Suddenly, bad luck befalls the shop. Someone is trying to sabotage Scott’s auto business, deleting important customer files and cancelling orders. Before there is a chance to solve the mystery, the shop is set ablaze by a mysterious hand, with Hugh and Scott trapped inside. Will this stroke of bad luck be the trigger to solidify their feelings and Hugh’s trust? Will Cameron stay for good this time?

Changing Gear, by talented new author Joy Fielding, is a suspense-filled tale that stresses the importance of earning a partner’s complete trust in a loving relationship, and proves that love can grow from unexpected circumstances, seeming to come out of nowhere—sometimes by showing up right on the doorstep.

Review by Staff Contributor