Sneak Peek: Circus of Dreams by Kelly Conrad

Circus of Dreams Book CoverJack Blood, the sole survivor of a terrible plane crash, finds himself stranded in the remote Florida Everglades. And then things get strange. He comes upon the grounds of a haunted circus and befriends a caged wild man named Taejon. Is Jack dreaming? Dead? What happened to this dilapidated circus, and how might this all connect to Jack’s tragic circus past?

Kelly Conrad’s Circus of Dreams will whisk readers away to a fantastical world. The old-fashioned circus comes to life with her imaginative descriptions, and the dreamlike nature of the story makes for an intriguing read. There is a rich cast of enthralling characters, especially the odd band of performers, and they all exemplify what it means to be “circus.”

Jack frees Taejon, and an endearing relationship develops between the two of them. Touching moments and vivid sex scenes abound as this unexpected romance unfurls. But this is a tale full of twists and turns, and not everything is quite what it seems. Conrad always manages to stay one step ahead of her readers here, making this a wholly original book that’s full of surprises. Consistently entertaining and ultimately uplifting, this is a story for the child in all of us that will leave readers believing in magic again.

Review by Staff Contributor