Sneak Peek: Collars and Catwalks by Gale Stanley

Collars and Catwalks Book Cover

Jayme Alan, the hottest thing on the runway, has clawed his way to the top of the fashion industry with a little help from his micromanaging boyfriend and famous New York fashion designer, Victor. But after all his hard work making himself the perfect lover for Victor, he soon discovers that it wasn’t enough, and he’s been replaced by next big thing, a younger model who Victor can’t seem to help drooling over. Devastated by Victor’s betrayal and faced with the decline of his career, Jayme takes a modeling job with an old friend, strutting his stuff in a Speedo in Key West at the famous TomCats, an all-male, clothing-optional resort. Yet just as he’s trying to get back on his feet, he quickly find himself falling for the resort’s alluring and charismatic bartender, Torque, and he can only hope to land on all fours.

Torque, a flirtatious yet lonely cat-shifter, knows Jayme is his mate from the moment the young model hits the stage, and his cat is desperate to claim the man despite the fact that Torque’s been burned in the past. He wants to give Jayme everything he deserves, but Jayme’s still picking up the pieces from his last ruined relationship, and Torque’s trust issues only seem to make things worse.

As the heroes grapple with the dynamics of their new and vulnerable relationship, the reader is immersed in their exhilarating whirlwind of passion. The romance between the two of them is both electrifying and sensual. Torque is quick to assert his dominance, especially when Jayme is so beautifully submissive, but he’s still in tune with Jayme’s needs, showing his mate all the things that have been missing in the past. As Torque slowly brings Jayme out of his shell, the connection between them blossoms into something neither of them had expected. With Torque’s charm and tenderness tempering Jayme’s insecurity and fear, and despite the cat-shifter’s mile-wide possessive streak, it’s clear he and Jayme have something worth fighting to keep.

Review by Staff Contributor