Sneak Peek: Conor’s Mate by Jade Astor

Conor's Mate Book Cover

Conor is a nervous wreck. His impending nuptials to King Lyndor are a big deal—not only will he be meeting his future mate for the first time, but the arranged marriage is also in place to unite two formerly feuding kingdoms. His journey to Quellaria is grueling and unpleasant, and since the dawn of a new day rests on the shoulders of his happy marriage, he hopes this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Conor couldn’t be happier when he meets the king and shares an instant connection with the kind and incredibly handsome ruler, who will undoubtedly be a consummate father for the future heir. The wedding goes smoothly, and despite the unexpected and inconsiderate arrival from Lyndor’s cousin and power-hungry rival, Solen, the future for the pair looks bright.

But suddenly, Lyndor starts acting cold and withdrawn. Conor can’t understand—he knows their connection was genuine and strong—what could possibly be the explanation for this drastic change in his beloved king? When Conor witnesses the king’s loyal knight, Bessel, mysteriously pass out in Solen’s sudden presence, he wonders if there is any truth to the rumors of Solen’s magic practice. But the king’s cousin is kind and friendly to him, and even acts as a good listener to Conor’s love problems—he suggests that Conor be better off without a king who clearly doesn’t love him. Conor refuses to give up on his marriage, until King Lyndor drops the bomb that he doesn’t love Conor after all.

Heartbroken and unsure of his future, Conor agrees to accompany the insistent Solen on the trip back to his own kingdom. But just as he’s leaving, King Lyndor makes a realization that could change their lives forever, if only he can get to Conor in time…

Once again, Jade Astor invites readers into her imaginative stories where lovers are put to the test among vividly described worlds of magic, fantasy, and royalty. Conor’s Mate explores the nervous yet hopeful feelings and expectations between new lovers, and teaches the lesson that no matter what darkness life may bring, true love is the beacon that can always be counted on, and never doubted.

Review by Staff Contributor