Sneak Peek: Controlling the Burn by Tonya Ramagos

Controlling the Burn Book Cover

Wesley Payton and Drew Ward are smoke jumpers, highly trained elite firefighters who parachute from planes into the wilderness to contain and put out wildfires. As smoke jumpers, Wes, Drew, and their fellow crewmates are ready to lay their lives on the line to protect wildlife and the public alike from the threat of rapidly spreading flames. However, when Wes learns that Drew is gay—and interested in Wes—the fires aren’t the only thing making Wes sweat. Despite Wes’s undeniable attraction to the rookie hotshot Drew, he stays reserved and keeps Drew at arm’s length. A smoke-jumping veteran and nearly twenty years Drew’s senior, Wes knows of the complications that can arise as a result of becoming involved with a coworker, especially in such a dangerous line of work. Adding to this, Wes’s close friendship with Drew’s father, also a smoke jumper, who passed away untimely fourteen years prior, makes Wes all the more apprehensive about Drew’s advances, for fear of digging up old ghosts.

Since the death of his father, Drew has been determined to follow in his footsteps and become a smoke jumper. Drew lets nothing stand in the way of his goal, and distinguishes himself among the rookies by training longer and harder than the other recruits. But ever since his father introduced Wes to him years earlier, Drew has had another, secret goal that he is just as determined to reach—to win Wes over.

Controlling the Burn takes the reader on a wild ride with the men and women of the Loveland Smoke Jumpers, and gives an intriguing look into this thrilling, exclusive, and frequently perilous profession. Will Wes be able to control the fire burning for Drew in his loins, or will Drew stoke that fire until it spreads to Wes’s heart? It’s time to suit up and get ready to jump in!

Review by Staff Contributor